105 Quick Tips For A Successful Relocation

America is a country of nomads. The average American will move between 11 and 13 times in their life. If you’ve ever moved across the country, you know how stressful and exhausting it can be. Yet so many of the “moving tips” you find on blogs and websites focus on labeling boxes and making checklists, with relatively little information on how to make moving tolerable, or even enjoyable.

This massive collection of relocation tips from AreaVibes drew from the real-life experience of some knowledgeable bloggers and writers, with the aim of putting a human element into the task of relocating.

These well-traveled writers know that moving is so much more than just packing and unpacking. What do you do first when you get there? How do you find your way around a new city? How can you make friends and connect with the community around you? Areavibes has the answers, in this monster list of 105 bite-sized tips.

Areavibes Relocation Tips Infographic

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  This infographic is brought to you by the team at AreaVibes, a site that helps you find the best places to live. Check out the original article here: 105 Tips for a Successful Relocation.

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