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Keeping the home and family safe is likely one of your top priorities. That job is easier said than done when it’s time to take an extended vacation. Here are a few simple tricks to secure things while you’re away enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation with your family. 

Keep It Busy

Even if you’re on vacation and not at home during the week, make it seem like there’s always someone home. Install a timer for the lights so that they come on at different hours, make sure the newspaper is always delivered and that a neighbor picks it up during the day, and don’t let others know that you’re leaving by posting the details on social media. That doesn’t mean you can’t share your pics of the Grand Canyon or the Caymen Islands, it just means you should wait until you return to post them.

You could even set a timer on your television so that it comes on in the evening to make it seem like you’re enjoying a movie or your favorite show.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system is ideal for the security of the home. Companies like Tele-Plus have several types of alarms available, including those that are silent and only alert the local police department if someone tries to enter the home. If you have a standard alarm system installed, then it needs to be turned on at all times.

Even if you’re at home, someone can still try to get into the house, so you need to be secured. Alarm systems provide peace of mind when you’re at home and when you’re away, so they really are a worthy investment.

Hiding Places

At times, potential burglars will search for somewhere around the home to hide until it’s dark enough to strike. Keep the bushes around the home trimmed and any debris put away that someone could hide inside of, such as a storage container that is the same size as a person. Motion lights are also an option so that all areas of the yard are lit at night if something moves.

Your home is your greatest asset. You want to do everything possible to protect the contents inside and your family. Get a little creative in making alarm systems while keeping clutter away to deter would-be robbers to keep the home safe.