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Today’s homes are much more than just four secure walls with weather-tight roofs. Instead, they comprise a great deal of comfort measures and technological advancements that make them a pleasure to reside in and keep families safe.

Buyers on the real estate market are looking for the ideal home to meet their needs, and give them a heightened sense of comfort and convenience. Smart home technology doesn’t have to be confusing,; there are plenty of great products that are easy to understand and simple to put into daily practice. Check out these three technological advancements that will help homeowners keep up with the changes in the modern housing market and appeal to all buyers when it comes time to sell.

Remote Controlled Lights and Locks

Several manufacturers offer options for remotely controlled lights and locks, many of which are controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth technology, while others are hard-wired into the home’s power. However, the best by far are those that can be controlled from any distance through an app on your smartphone or tablet. This can let homeowners turn their lights on and off, check on which lights are on and lock doors and garage doors wherever they are with a few simple taps on their phones.

Philips Hue bulbs are popular for their ability to change color and to be dimmed remotely. Smart bulbs use built-in Wi-Fi. Lutron and Insteon are two big names for automatic light switches and electrical sockets. Smart switches require more work behind the walls, but can be easier to program and control once they are in place.

Smart locks are great for unlocking doors remotely to let friends into the home or to ensure that the door is unlocked once you arrive on the front porch with an armful of bags. Some smart locks can be installed directly over a pre-installed deadbolt. Most use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for control.

Smart Thermostats

Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for about 50 percent of your energy budget? That’s why it is vital to have a handle on controlling your home’s temperature. While investing in well-insulated doors, dual pane windows and attics can account for a great deal, a smart thermostat can significantly reduce costs, particularly for families who are away from home most days of the week.

A smart thermostat is far better than a programmable thermostat. While it can be programmed, it will also learn a family’s habits and preferences, knocking the temperature up or down based on when the family comes and goes each day of the week. Plus, individuals can often use an app to communicate wirelessly with the thermostat while away from home.

Smart Doorbells

A smart doorbell does more than just alert the homeowner when someone rings for them. Instead, it alerts them to visitors even when they are away from home via a wirelessly connected app. In addition, smart doorbells have integrated video cameras, letting homeowners see who is at the door and taking photos of those at the door when nobody is at home.

Homeowners should be sure to choose smart doorbells that have infrared technology, which will allow them to see clearly at night. Additionally, a two-way speaker is a good addition for being able to talk to visitors. Because this system must be wired within the home and set up to sync wirelessly to mobile devices, it is a good idea to have a professional, such as AMP Smart to set up this aspect of home automation.

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