4 Decorating Tips for Home Sellers During the Holidays

If you’re selling your home this holiday season, then there are some things you need to know about decorating. You will have potential buyers requesting walkthroughs and you should have an open house or two which means you need to consider more than just your personal style and taste when bringing out festive decorations. Houses show better when they’re decorated over the holidays but the question is, what kind of decorations?

Don’t Over Do It

When decorating your home during the holidays or any time of the year for an open house, decorate with discretion. Decorations can easily become clutter so stick to just a few simple festive touches.

You want buyers to fall in love with your home, not the decorations. If you are going to put out pumpkins and fall wreathes, put away your everyday style pieces. If you have a tree for Christmas, pack up your end table or extra chair nearby. Getting rid of clutter, unnecessary furniture and keeping just a few simple decor pieces makes your home appear bigger and better.

Keep It Neutral & Natural

An excess of religious decorations can make buyers feel unwelcome in your home. Southern California is a very multicultural region so the best rule of thumb is to keep holiday decorations neutral and appealing to everyone.

Natural holiday decorations are a great choice because they aren’t overtly religious and they add a subtle yet sophisticated style. For fall choose pumpkins, gourds, colored leaves and pinecones as accents. For winter decorate with fresh evergreen wreathes, berries, rosemary branches and lights.

Make A Holiday Treat

This is not exactly a decorating tip but a great way to show off holiday cheer and entice buyers during the holiday season. Making a holiday treat to pass out at an open house will make your home smell great and be a big hit with buyers.

For fall and winter you can serve hot apple cider, pumpkin bread or special holiday cookies. A big pot of simmer spices or fresh baked cookies will also make your home smell irresistible. It’s these kinds of real scents, not fake ones, that will make buyers feel at home.

Don’t Try To Hide Flaws

Don’t try to hide cracks, water strains or any other flaws with decorations. Serious buyers will be looking closely and when they spot something you’ve tried to hide, they lose trust in you. So fix flaws, don’t cover them up.

No matter what the season, presenting your home the right way and marketing to buyers is crucial. Work with a First Team agent for more ideas, advice and expert knowledge about selling your Southern California home. Search for an agent online or reach out and we’ll match you with an area specialist near you.

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