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Some homes in your neighborhood may have enviable curb appeal, but you may be one of the many homeowners who struggle to achieve impressive results from your efforts. In some cases, simply dressing up your vegetation and adding some fertilizer to the lawn can add excellent curb appeal to your property, and higher offers from potential buyers.

REALTORS® estimate that lawn care would recover 303% of the cost estimated by landscape professionals according to the 2016 Outdoor Remodeling Impact Report. That’s why 96% of REALTORS® have suggested sellers improve their curb appeal before listing a home for sale. Some homes require more significant efforts. If you are ready to head back to the drawing board to add curb appeal to your home, think about how some of these excellent landscaping ideas may help you.

Adding Decorative Rocks

One of the more significant challenges with updating your landscaping is to create a beautiful design that does not require long hours of maintenance each week. An excellent solution for this challenge is to add decorative rocks to your space. For example, you can place pebble rocks on a footpath to keep weeds to a minimum. You can also add rounded river stones as a border to your flower beds for a cost-effective border solution.

Using Flagstone Creatively

Another idea is to incorporate large flagstones into your space. These are most commonly used as a floor surface for a natural-looking patio, and they can also be used to create a charming pathway. A more creative use for flagstones is for a staircase leading up to your patio. These stones can be very heavy to work with, and some may need to be cut specifically to suit your needs. Consider hiring a landscaping professional to assist with this aspect of your landscaping project.

Updating Your Concrete Features

If your space currently has concrete as a pathway, sidewalk or patio, you may be eager to reach out to a company like Greene Concrete Cutting Inc to tear this concrete up and start from scratch. Concrete can lack personality. It also can crack or chip away over time, leaving your home’s exterior looking bleak. By cutting away at the concrete, you can then have a blank canvas to work with. New stained concrete can be poured, or you can work with more creative materials, such as flagstones or other types of natural rocks.

Adding a Dry Creek Bed

Many yards are an unsightly mess because of erosion issues. When it rains, water typically runs along the same path in your yard, and it may even pool in the lowest areas. These areas are often dirty or muddy messes that are huge eyesores.

Installing gutters on your home can help manage the flow of water away from your foundation, but you may also need more significant irrigation solutions. One smart idea is to add a dry creek bed using smooth river stones to these naturally wet areas of your yard. You can decorate these features by placing attractive vegetation around them.

Some homeowners have a green thumb as well as a knack for working with hardscaping features, such as rocks. Remember that the best landscaping design usually uses natural materials in a way that beautifully addresses the issues in your space. Take a closer look at some of the problem areas in your yard, and think about how these excellent ideas can be used to generate beautiful, and lucrative, results.