4 Romantic Backyard Valentine’s Date Ideas

The safest – and most romantic way –  to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone is with a special night at home. Make your home the most amazing place to be this year and craft your Valentine’s date around your happy place. With a few extra fixings and creative ideas, you can create a romantic night to rival any overpriced holiday excursion.

Check out the ideas below to get your creative juices flowing and your Valentine’s Day off to an unforgettable start.

Cozy Camping

Make a fire pit, roast marshmallows, maybe even bust out the tent for a true camp out. Nothing says romance like cuddling for a night under the stars. For the full romantic effect, make it a night of glamping. Emphasis on the cozy plush blankets and pillows, candles, and all the comforts of a night in on the couch. It’s all about setting the mood to deliver an amazing night.

Game Night

Get tangled up with a game of Twister, challenge each other to a round of Battleship, and have a good old fashioned game night together. Whatever you’ve got in the back of the closet will do, or maybe even raid the kid’s game closet for some silly fun. Simply spending time together laughing and playing is a great way to make Valentine’s Day special.  Make it an adult version for some extra fun, create a full night game competition with prizes for the winner, or put your own special twist on the classics.

Romantic Picnic

Cooking a special meal together is a great Valentine’s date idea. An even better idea is to take it outside and create some atmosphere with a romantic picnic set-up. Bust out the wine, flowers, cozy blanket, pillows, and your favorite dish. Don’t forget the string lights or candles to create some much-needed ambiance.

Drive-In at Home

Project a romantic movie on your fence and bring the drive-in to your own backyard. Simply project your favorite movie or a romantic one you haven’t seen yet, up against your vinyl fence and it’ll make for the perfect outdoor viewing experience. Don’t forget the popcorn and drinks, and you’ll have an intimate experience you’ll both enjoy.

It’s easy to have a romantic backyard Valentine’s date when you’ve got the digs to accommodate. If your backyard needs an upgrade to romantic status with a built-in firepit, spa, or alfresco dining setup, then it’s time to start keeping your eye on the market. Sit down with a First Team Real Estate agent to discuss your wishlist and find out what’s possible.

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