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Whether they’ve got a hard copy or a running inventory in their head, all buyers have a home buying wish list. Some people look for plenty of floor space, a yard for gardening or a nice setting to entertain guests. Individuals with children often look for these four features that will adapt to the changing needs of children as they grow. If your home has these four features, then it’s going to get snatched up with a growing family in no time one it hits the market.

 Large Open Kitchen

Having a large, open kitchen offers a central area where parents and children can convene for meals and for arranging schedules. Kitchens often serve as collection points before the family goes their separate ways in the morning. They also accommodate friends who come over for study, play and snacking. When a home has a bright, airy kitchen area, you can be sure that members of the family, as well as guests, will congregate there to enjoy food and conversation.

Family Room

The family room has become a must-have feature of modern homes. In the family room, children and parents can gather for games and watching movies. Children and their friends can also gather there for computer games, TV watching and listening to music on rainy days. Today, family rooms generally receive more use than formal living rooms, and often become the heart of the home.

Extra Bathrooms

A sufficient number of bathrooms can help to keep peace in the family and can be especially important if you have teenagers, who often have elaborate grooming routines. Extra bathrooms are also desirable if you enjoy entertaining houseguests, whether family or friends from afar. A bathroom for the master bedroom that parents can use undisturbed is important. Other bedrooms should have a shared bathroom or a nearby hallway bathroom that can be shared by children. A guest bathroom near the main living area is another convenience that many homebuyers prefer.

Yard Areas

Substantial yard areas make good play areas for children, where you set up a play set or allow them to play ball games of various kinds. Good quality fencing through a company like Town & Country Fence will help to make your yard a safe space for both children and pets. Wood fences provide plenty of privacy, soundproofing and present an attractive, natural background for outdoor activities.

Although finding your perfect dream house is not always feasible, you can do your best to choose a property that offers the potential for adapting it for your individual needs. These four features are popular with families because they offer opportunities to optimize living space for every family member. Keep these in mind, and you will be able to keep your family happy and comfortable in their new location.

Does your home fit the bill for a growing family? Whether or not your home has these four features, if it’s a piece of Southern California real estate, it’s basically guaranteed to do well in today’s seller’s market. If you have questions or want to chat about your selling options, just give us a call – we’re here to help.

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