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Selling your home is often a necessary step toward moving to a new city for work, downsizing for retirement, or upgrading for the family. It’s not so surprising that life throws you changes and you’ve got to adapt. However, there are many aspects to completing the actual home sale transaction that you may not be thinking about.

Let’s cover some of the more surprising tasks related to putting a home on the market. When it comes to handling life’s big changes, it’s best to be prepared!

You’ll Need to Take That Jersey off the Wall

While you may love a certain professional sports team or player, a potential buyer may not be so enthusiastic about your choice of decoration. This concept could also apply to any type of political or social statement that you choose to make in your home. When selling a home, always aim to stay neutral when a buyer is present.


Be Prepared to Inspect the Septic Tank

As part of the real estate sales inspection process, you will need to have the septic tank looked at. This ensures that there are no problems with this component that could scare a potential buyer away from the property. An inspection also allows you to make necessary repairs or updates before putting the home on the market.

Don’t Forget Necessary Disclosures

Depending on where you live, it may be necessary to disclose the presence of certain bugs or other pests that may be common in the area. It may also be necessary to disclose recent water or other damage to the home. As a general rule, if you know about a problem with the home, it will likely need to be disclosed no matter how minor you consider it to be. Failure to do so could void a sale or otherwise lead to financial penalties.


Schedule Showings Strategically

If you live on a busy street, it may be easier to schedule showings when most residents are at work or school. If you have to show a home during the winter months, aim to do so in the afternoon when there is more light and the temperature is easier to tolerate. Furthermore, be sure to shovel the driveway and deice the sidewalk to prevent an injury during any showing that takes place during the colder time of the year.

Selling a home is a lot more than listing it for sale and collecting a large check when the transaction is final. If you have any questions about legal issues, the selling process or strategies, then reach out and we’ll connect you with an agent to help. With 43 years in the business, nothing surprises us anymore when it comes to the local real estate market.

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