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Without a doubt the primary benefit of installing a good home security system in your home is to decrease the likelihood of getting burglarized. In fact, it’s the main reason why people install a system to begin with. But there are many other unexpected benefits of having a home security system that you may or may not be aware of.

1. Get You Cheaper Home Insurance

Incorporating a new home security system that also has off-site monitoring can significantly lower your premiums overall. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how much lower they’ll be, although the reduction amount varies based on the particular insurance company.

2. Prevent Water Damage

If your water heater breaks or a faucet starts leaking without you noticing, the damage that results can be overwhelming as well as costly. Besides ruining the walls, flooring, and furniture, it can destroy your irreplaceable valuables as well. However, this bad scenario can easily be prevented by installing a wireless home security system.

Through companies like Arpel Security Systems, you can add a floor sensor alarm to your security system that will immediately notify you via your smartphone if a leak occurs or water starts overflowing somewhere in your home.

3. Allow You To Monitor Your Children

We’re all concerned about the general welfare and safety of your our children when you’re not at home, but did you know a wireless alarm system can ease those worries? With these systems, you can send an email and/or text message along with an attached video to the other parent or caregiver when the child gets home. Quite often, the time that your child arrives home can be determined through wireless technology if you need some peace of mind regarding their whereabouts.

4. Increase Your Home’s Value

Another unexpected benefit of installing a home alarm system is that it has the ability to boost the overall equity in your home. In fact, this is especially true if it’s a hardwired security system since it must remain in the home if you ever decide to move. Because a home security system is very appealing to potential homebuyers, it adds value to your home and increases its marketability factor.

Chances are you may unfortunately face property crime at some point in your life. But, with an installed home security system, you’ll be much better prepared to handle it. Also, your security system can offer you several more benefits than you can even imagine that will enrich the lives of both you and your family.

This guest post is written by Anica Oaks. A recent college graduate from University of San Francisco, Anica is a freelance writer and web enthusiast.