5 Secrets to Nailing Your Home Renovation Without Breaking the Bank

Home renovation can be a fun project to undertake but before you know it, it can be draining your bank account in a big way. Whether your renovation is in preparation for a home sale, a long planned expense or a spur of the moment need for change, you can pull it off without breaking the bank if you’ve got the right plan.

Thanks to some insider tips from the pros at Richards Micro-Tool we’ve put together these 5 tips for planning your next home renovation. Saving money and pulling off your next home remodeling project like a pro is all in the details…

1. Visual Planning

Before you start your project, it is important to set out a schedule. Visualize your renovation project in your mind because that is how pros do it. If you are good with the pen, you can even sketch the changes out on a sheet of paper.

Whether you are going to do the entire work yourself or you are hiring a renovating professional to help you out, these draft sketches would help to put your idea across to them. This is also important because it helps you avoid surprises – and the extra costs that come with them.

2. Budgeting

Make the most of your budget. You can only do this if you know what your budget is. Always keep some room for mishaps or losses when you undertake a home renovation project. Also, know what is important to you.

Why did you undertake the renovation in the first place? Did you see French windows at someone’s house and want the same for your own? Is this a bathroom remodel project more than a home renovation one?

Know your budget and give a chunky portion to these important things. The rest can be bonuses. If you try to squeeze everything into a small budget, you would have to compromise on quality.

3. Eye Catching Changes

If your budget is small, consider making one massive change that would completely change the entire look of your house. For instance, you can choose to open up your house’s ceiling. This might cost you a bit but even if you don’t make any other change, it would still be worth the money spent.

Trust us, you’ll be amazed at the illusion of space high ceilings create. Open it up at the highest point of the house for even better results. This can be done if you have a pitched roof or an attic as well.

4. Custom Cabinets

You have to pick your battles, especially if the budget is tight. If you are serious about cooking, go for a high end fridge and cooking range. On the other hand, if you’re more of a restaurant goer and less a gourmet chef in training, go for something in the medium to affordable range.

Instead, spend all that saved dough on getting custom cabinets. Cabinets will transform the look and feel of your entire kitchen, after all they make up the space in the room. You can have the cabinets built according to your own requirements – it’s a huge money saver in the long run.

5. Painting for Tiny Budget Renovation

If your budget is extremely tiny, the best option is to go for a fresh coat of paint and redesign the room. You can paint a single wall or go for artistic paint. Then, rearrange the setting of the house’s furniture and you are done!

With these 5 tips under your tool belt, you can master even the most challenging of home renovations.

This is a guest post from freelance writer Karleia Steiner. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her daughters and husband.

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