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When you get ready to put your home on the market, you will likely do a number of tasks that will help to make your property more desirable to buyers. Many homeowners find that having their home inspected is an action that can have significant benefits for accomplishing a successful sale.

An inspection can reassure buyers about the essential systems of the home and can help to garner a high price for the property. It can also give you a leg up and insight into what needs to be updated. The more information you have about the true condition of your greatest asset, the better.


The roof of a home is one of the first areas of concern for new buyers. An older home may have a roof that is several years old, but may still be serviceable for a considerable period of time. Your inspection report will reveal any problems that exist, but also may receive a favorable report that will alleviate the concerns of potential buyers.

Plumbing System

Potential buyers know that a home’s plumbing system can be a source of frustration, as well as expense. This should also include an evaluation of your water heater, which is an important piece of equipment in any home. A clear report from a home inspection company like Walter’s Environmental Services will provide the “go-ahead” to help speed up the sale of your property.

HVAC System

Your HVAC system is the heart of your home’s ability to be cozy and comfortable throughout the year. If an inspection notes the need for a replacement, the purchase could well save you money in the long run, allowing you to get a better price on your property, as well as a faster sale.

Electrical System

A faulty electrical system can be a headache for a home buyer, so the inspection report will provide important information that allows a sale to go forward. The inspection can be particularly important for an older home that hasn’t had an electrical upgrade in some time.

Foundation Issues

Another area of concern for potential buyers is foundation problems. If the home’s foundation has some cracks, they may foresee an expensive foundation repair and walk away. An inspection will reassure them that any small areas of damage are not serious and will be more willing to give the property a fair assessment.

An inspection can provide information not only for your own benefit, but also for that of potential buyers. You may have lived in your home for many years and have invested a significant amount of money in its upkeep. Before you decide if a presale inspection is right for you, chat with a real estate agent. Nothing prepares you better for a home sale than an experienced professional in your corner.

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