6 Design Tips from Tiny Houses

Tiny houses have been growing in popularity over the past few years because of their affordability and shift toward simplified living. The average American home is over 2,000 square feet where as these new micro-living spaces are around 200.

These tiny homes have a smaller environmental footprint and are helping Americans stay out of the debt, but most importantly – they’re adorable. Here’s our list of 6 design tips we’ve learned from these tiny houses that can be used in your home or to help you design your own micro-home down the road!

1. Use all walls as storage space

In this tiny cabin the wicker baskets add tons of useful storage. The wicker compliments all the other natural materials throughout the house plus it saves counter space because it’s mounted directly on the wall.

Source: tinyhouseblog.com

And in here the space all the way to the ceiling above the door is used for design and storage. Take advantage of all space – even the hard to reach places. Did you know floor to ceiling design makes spaces appear larger?

Source: tiny-project.com

2. Lofted beds are always a good idea

It’s all about the lofted bed in tiny houses and we love it! It saves space, makes for a cozy sleeping area and takes us back to childhood when there was nothing cooler than sleeping on the top bunk.

Source: tiny-project.com

Just think of all the possibilities a lofted bed opens up for the space below!

Source: catstinyhouse.com

3. Storage doesn’t have be hidden

Efficient design is about showing off your pieces even when they’re put away. We love this kitchen dish shelving system – it’s a great way to get organized and decorate your home at the same time!

Source: tinyhouseblog.com

4. Use your outdoor space

This one-room cabin is small but it feels much bigger because of the patio space. By putting the time and effort into making your outdoor space beautiful and functional, you are creating more living space to enjoy.

The glass also opens up the front side of the cabin making the transition from indoor and outdoor space seamless.

Source: nymag.com

5. Windows open up small spaces

This beach house with an entirely glass windowed wall opens up the tiny space and brings the beautiful outdoors, in. Instead of feeling cramped and stuffy, this house feels bright and open.

Source: fastcodesign.com

6. Take advantage of stair storage

Even the space behind your stairs can be utilized in your home. The baskets are easy and add a design element to the house.

Source: kangaroomsystems.com

And this shelving system tucked under the staircase is great because it makes an otherwise irrelevant and small space, usable.

Source: onekindesign.com

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