64.2% of Millennial Homebuyers Put down Less than You Think

When thinking about a down payment for a home, most people see a big 20% flashing before their eyes. While it is the suggested down payment amount if you have it, homebuyers by no means need to put down 20%.

In fact, a recent survey from Digital Risk shows that nearly two thirds of Millennials who recently bought a home put down less than 20%. 26% of Millennials put down just 1%-5%, 20% put down 10%-19%, 10% put down 0% with the help of financial aid programs and 8% put down 6%-9%.

Here’s the full breakdown:

The problem is, 36% of Americans still think you always need to put down 20% on a new home. It’s one of the detrimental lies stopping homebuyers from taking the plunge. This study suggests that the desire to buy a home is there, however Millennials are facing plenty of economic troubles on the road to homeownership – whether imagined or actual.

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