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#1 in Southern California, 19 Years in a Row1

A Home is sold by First Team in Southern California Every 12 minutes2
10,218 successfully closed transactions in 20213

First Team is #1 in Southern California, 19 Years in a Row1

First Team is a destination brokerage that prides itself on a 48-year tradition and the distinction of being #1 in total unit sales and #1 in luxury unit sales.

Since 1976, First Team Real Estate has been trusted to represent over 250,000 home buyers and sellers as the largest privately held family-owned company in Southern California.

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As the largest privately held family-owned real estate agency in SoCal, we have over 30 office locations and 2,000+ agents to help you in your home search and sale.

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Leadership Team.

Meet the First Team Real Estate

Cameron Merage
Founder/ Chairman of the Board
Michele Harrington
Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Wagner
Broker of Record
Hila Pooli
General Counsel
Steven McCloskey
Chief Product Officer
Peggy Salazar
Director of Administrative Services
Lynn Tacinelli-Zeichik
Director of Education
Gayle Glew
Director of Global Relocation & Corporate Service
Merry Pisors
Human Resources Director
Jim Loges
Director of IT Operations
Total Closed Sales $3
Agents Hired4
Total Recruited Volume $5
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A Home is sold by First Team in Southern California Every 12 minutes2 9,546 successfully closed transactions in 20203

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Making A Difference In The Communities We Call Home

First Team Real Estate and Team Kids Community

Through a dedicated partnership with non-profit organization Team Kids and numerous local office outreach programs, First Team continues to make a difference in the communities they call home.

Irvine, CA – Serving Southern California for over 40 years, First Team Real Estate and its 2,000+ agents are deeply rooted and committed to their local communities through service. Raising a record $250,000 at the inaugural Superhero Golf Tournament this year for charity partners Team Kids, the organization continues to place an emphasis on bettering their local communities.

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1Top Broker Report published January 2020 based on data available from 7/1/2001-12/31/2019, ALL CRMLS, All Brokers. As reported by CRMLS participating associations/boards of REALTORS® in California.
2Based on total 2019 First Team closed transactions 251 8-hour business days in one year. First Team’s numbers include internal reporting.
3First Team Real Estate data available from 01/01/19 – 12/31/19 for ALL CRMLS.
4Total new agents added from 01/01/19 –12/31/19.
5According to Trendgraphix data available from 01/01/19 – 12/31/19.