Bringing Even Greater Agent Support, Ralph Bane Named First Team Real Estate Encinitas and Carlsbad Manager

We are proud to announce San Diego real estate expert and former United States Marine, Ralph Bane, will be stepping into the role of Branch Manager for our First Team Real Estate Encinitas and Carlsbad Office locations. With over 16 years of comprehensive industry experience, his passion for real estate and talent for problem-solving make him an attentive and effective leader.

“At First Team, we pride ourselves on our supportive management team dedicated to helping our agents grow, and I have no doubt Ralph will make a great addition with his hands-on leadership style,” explains Michele Harrington, Chief Operating Officer of First Team Real Estate. “I am thrilled to see him step into the role of branch manager supporting both our Encinitas and Carlsbad offices, embracing the company’s collaborative mindset and technology tools to uplift agents to even greater heights.”

Ralph Ban Headshot Over Aerial View Of San Diego With First Team Logo

Instilled with a team mindset, throughout his impressive career Ralph developed an enthusiasm for training and teaching. Providing integrity and knowledge in everything he does, his greatest talents lie in helping others work through problems, whether that means tackling complex transactions or technology issues.

“I joined First Team because I love the company’s forward-thinking mindset when it comes to tech, and the immense value all of the tools and services bring to agents and their clients in today’s competitive marketplace,” explains Ralph. “I am looking forward to the opportunity to train, teach, and focus my energies on facilitating further growth for my agents. I’m devoted to being available whenever necessary, ready to help agents think outside the box, communicate their value, and capture more business.”

Taking a collaborative approach to growth, Ralph’s extensive experience working with individuals from all different walks of life informs his management style of participation and partnership. “Everyone is starting from scratch in a way because of these unprecedented times. But now that it’s safe to jump back into all facets of the business, I’m excited to be there in a very physical way to help others pick up and push forward,” says Ralph. “Building upon the strong company culture, I’m looking forward to sharing best practices in the office again, communicating, and facilitating growth for each and every agent by working as a team.”

To learn more about joining the First Team family in one of our San Diego office locations and taking advantage of our broker-paid suite of tools and services, contact Ralph Bane at (858) 568-3302 or

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