August 2010

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Green Bathroom Remodeling If you want to make sure your bathroom remodeling project is as green as possible, here’s how to save energy, conserve resources, and protect your budget. You care about the environment. You also happen to have a bathroom badly in need of remodeling. How do you get the job done with minimal impact on both our fragile planet and your precious budget? Thankfully, the growth of the green building movement has given rise to many eco-responsible products and resources that allow you to create the water-conserving, healthy, energy-wise bath you’ve always wanted—all without busting your bottom line. Here’s what you need to know. It’s all about the water Thinking about greening your bathroom means considering how you use water in…

First Team Real Estate recommends: Picking the right plants for your own yard to save on maintenance and water! Even if you don’t live in a dry climate, fresh water may be an increasingly scarce and expensive commodity. One way to conserve water is to design a landscape plan that cuts down on the need for irrigation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, converting to a water-efficient landscape can reduce your outdoor water use by 20% to 50%, or as much as 10,000 gallons a year. That saves money, too, shaving between $30 and $70 off the average annual household water bill.                             Often called ‘xeriscaping’ or drought-tolerant landscaping, low-water landscaping also makes yard maintenance easier. Here are 10