February 2013

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When it comes to high-end home staging, some people mistakenly believe that all home stagers are created equal and downplay the need to stage your home, effectively. To help you understand the importance of staging your home and finding a qualified stager, we talked to First Team Real Estate agent, Kathy Leimkuhler, about her highly successful approach to high-end home staging and suggestions on finding a qualified stager.

Leimkuhler always brings the professional home stager she works with to meet the buyer and look at the home. Her belief that staging sells has proved itself to her over numerous transactions, including homes that were previously unsellable. Finding a qualified home stager requires you to do a little research but don’t worry, we

In the latest National Association of Realtors (NAR) report, home sellers can expect competitive pricing this year to move forward as the real-estate market continues to shift towards sellers. If you're in the market of selling your home in today's highly competitive market, here are 10 common mistakes you need to know and learn how to avoid.

1)  Pricing your home improperly

The most common mistake home sellers make is improperly pricing their home: overpricing and underpricing. The damage of underpricing is taking an unnecessary loss on your home. With overpricing, it becomes more complex. An overpriced home will be neglected by buyers and their agents. A seller who lists their house over the local market value will have to drop the asking price…