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There are a total of 5,082 active property listings in Orange County, CA. Of those 3,195 are single-family homes with an average active listing price of $1,592,000, and 1,661 are condos and town homes with an average active listing price of $511,500. If you’re on the market to buy a new home then it’s important to make sure you know all about the home buying process. To help you out we’ve put together a serious on How To Buy Your Dream Home In 7 Steps. This week we brought you Step Five: Make an offer they can’t refuse. If you’re ready to start the house hunting now, you can view homes for sale this weekend at an open house or by appointment with a First Team Real Estate agent. Call or email us now and we’ll connect you with a top agent in your area.

In the Inland Empire there are 13,588 active properties for sale. 11,242 are single family homes with an average listing price of $504,500 and 1,799 are condos or townhomes with an average listing price of $274,250. If you’re looking to buy a new house that means you’re looking forward to a big move with the family. Check out our tips for helping your kids cope with a big move so that you’re ready for the big life change. This weekend you can view homes for sale in the Inland Empire at an open house or anytime by appointment with a First Team Real Estate agent. Call or email us now and we’ll connect you with a top agent in your area.

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This weekend March 1st and 2nd there are 7 First

There are a total of 11,227 active properties in Los Angeles County. Of those listings 8,335 are single family homes - average active listing price $1,268,000, and 2,777 are condos and townhomes with an average active listing price $623,500. If you’re looking to buy a new home you may also be in the market to list your current residence. Wondering what factors influence the price of a home? Check out our blog on 5 Hidden Factors that Contribute to Your Home’s Resale Value so you can get top dollar for your home to put toward your next house. You can start the search for your next home this weekend at an open house or any time by appointment with a First Team agent. Call or email us now and we’ll connect you a top agent in your area of interest.

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Moving is stressful for everyone - regardless of the reason for the move. Moves due to job and financial loss, death or divorce, etc. may be even more stressful.  Moving for school age children means new social circles and friends and for some children that means new anxieties.

Psychologists Shannon Mitsuko, MD and John Magee, PhD of the Carolinas Healthcare System say that children take many cues from parents. That’s why it’s important to understand what you as a parent can do to help your child readjust and cope with the stress of moving to a new home. Misuko and Magee say that it’s important to allow children to have their feelings rather than telling them how happy, sad or excited they are and then validate or affirm them during this time.  With

About University Park

University Park in Irvine is located along Culver Drive between the communities of Turtle Rock and Woodbridge within zip code 92612. It was one of the first communities built back in the 1960’s, the second village created in Irvine. Irvine homes for sale available in University Park consist primarily of attached and detached single family homes ranging in price from the high $400,000s to the high $900,000s. University Park real estate is broken up into five different neighborhoods: Chancellor, the Village, Village II, Terrace, and Village III. Community amenities include several parks, pools, club houses and more. Also within the community is the Irvine University Park Library located at 4512 Sandburg Way, Irvine. The University…

About University Town Center

University Town Center is an urban style community near the UC Irvine campus located south of University Drive, north of Campus Drive and West of Culver Drive in zip code 92612. Irvine real estate available in the community includes townhomes, condos, and senior citizen housing. Prices range from the mid $300,000’s to the mid $800,000’s. Homes for sale in Irvine University Town Center are popular among college students as well as families. The community has two separate shopping centers for residents and is also a short drive from both the Irvine Spectrum and Fashion Island malls. Community amenities in University Town Center include parks, swimming pools and club houses.

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For most Americans, a sizeable chunk of their net worth is tied up in the value of their homes; the average homeowner invests upwards of 35 percent of their income in mortgage payments and home maintenance. It's no wonder then that people count on recouping their investment when it's time to sell their home. Your home's sales price ultimately depends on making it attractive to prospective buyers. Curb appeal, fresh paint, and a good location are obvious advantages, but there are also less obvious factors that significantly impact the value of your home.

A High-Maintenance Yard

The yard is the first thing prospective buyers see. You may love your elaborate heirloom rose garden and carefully tended fescue lawn, but potential buyers see lots of yard

Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse This is part 5 of a series of 7 articles that guide potential buyers through the home buying process. These articles provide insight and suggestions to help homebuyers find the home of their dreams. Step One: Get Your Finances In Order Step Two: Find An Agent Step Three: Get Pre-Approved For A Home Loan Step Four: House Hunting Step Six: Securing A Home Loan Once you find your dream home and are ready to make it yours, work closely with your agent to put together a well thought out and strategized offer. Before you make an offer and start this part of the process it is a good idea to read up on some buyer tips for negotiating so you’re prepared when that part of the process rolls around. We talked about it last week when…

About Woodbury East

Woodbury East in Irvine is located from Irvine Boulevard to Trabuco Road between Sand Canyon Avenue and the 133 Toll Road, just across the street from the community of Woodbury. Woodbury East is prime Irvine real estate located just next door to the Great Park in Irvine, walking distance from the Woodbury shopping center and just minutes from the Irvine Spectrum. The community of Woodbury East lies within zip code 92618. Irvine homes for sale in Woodbury East were built as a part of the new “Build It Green” program in the city which means these homes were built to consume 30 percent less water and 10 percent less energy. Woodbury East was also designed to foster a socially active living experience focusing on connectivity and…

About Woodbury

Woodbury Irvine is located from Irvine Boulevard to Trabuco Road and lies between Jeffrey Road and Sand Canyon Avenue. Construction in Woodbury began in 2005 and the final new home tract La Cuesta is being completed now. The community offers Irvine real estate for sale which is lived in and renovated as well as brand new construction, something for everyone. Woodbury’s zip code is 92620. Irvine homes for sale in Woodbury include attached homes, town homes, condos and detached single family homes and range in price from the low $400,000’s to over $1million. The community is broken up into 8 different districts each composed of neighborhoods with individual architectural styles, character and a neighborhood park.

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