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When it comes time to buy a house or make any large purchase, you’re thinking long and hard about your credit score and how it will affect your buying capacity. For more information on how your score is calculated and what range you want to be in check out our resource on FICO scores, credit reports and more. So if home buying and securing a mortgage is on the horizon for you, then take a look at what affects your credit score – for better or worse.

What’s good for your credit score

  • A long and varied history.
  • A long standing installment loan like a car payment.
  • Making credit card payments on time and never missing a payment.
  • Low credit utilization – it’s even better than having none at all.
  • Paying down installment loans like a car

According to Zillow’s second annual Best Places for Families to Live, Orange County is one of the most family friendly places in the country because of its top school districts. This year in fact there were 58 Orange County schools awarded the status of “Distinguished Schools” by the State Education Department. They were chosen for their outstanding educational programs that are a role model to other California public schools. Los Alamitos Unified is mentioned as a stand out district in the county – which it is. Greatschools.org ranks the Los Al Unified School District as a 9/10 and 3 separate schools were recognized as “Distinguished” this year. However there are even more great school districts in Orange County, most notably Irvine Unified and Laguna…

When it comes to securing a mortgage it's important to understand your FICO score, where it comes from and most importantly, what score you need to qualify for a home loan. Here's a complete breakdown of FICO scores, how they affect your credit report and an exact breakdown of what credit score you need to qualify for a mortgage. To learn more about the application, about the 4 easy steps to getting a mortgage loan.

What is a FICO score?

Your FICO score is a number that represents your reliability and creditworthiness – how likely you are to pay back your debts if you borrow from a lender. The FICO score is a credit score, the most widely used in fact in the U.S.

FICO = Credit Score

How is a FICO score generated?

Loan officers and real

The moving process can quickly become messy and exhausting—especially if you are moving a lot of people and a lot of stuff. If you are preparing for a big move, there are several things you can do to lower stress levels and help the process go smoothly and quickly. Read on to get a few ideas for moving lifesavers that will keep you from tearing your hair out on moving day. For more moving tips, check out this list of 10 tips for moving with Pets.

Create the Ultimate Checklist

Before dragging out the boxes, stay organized by compiling a list of all things that need to be packed. It can be sorted based on things that can go immediately or things that should remain at the current home until moving day, such as certain foods and toiletries. You can

Weekly Mortgage Watch - July 27, 2014 PDF Version - Download the PDF version. First Team’s Weekly Mortgage Watch (July 27th, 2014) this week highlights the following updates:
  • Mortgage rates continue to be tightly constrained between a slowly growing economy and continued international geopolitical unrest.
  • Last week, rates barely budged with housing data revealing some convergent trends.  Existing home sales rose over 5 million, with inventory numbers moving closer to the normal range.
  • However, new home sales slumped, and revisions wiped out previously perceived improvements, both in sales and the broader economic benefits that come from homebuilding.
  • This week could be another week of news, data, and events that firmly pulls markets in multiple directions.  Consumer Confidence,

You can check out the best Orange County real estate on of the 139 First Team scheduled open houses this weekend July 26th and 27th. We’ve chosen the top 3 must see homes for the weekend. Each home has something amazing and unique to offer from postcard worthy views to luxury living design. They all have one thing in common however – recent price reductions of up to $198,000! Take a peek now and get the full tour this weekend of these can’t miss houses.
  1. 33 Cezanne, Irvine, CA 92603
This Irvine home is tucked away into the exclusive Turtle Ridge community and has just had a price reduction of $198,000! open houses this weekend in Orange County open houses this weekend in Orange County open houses this weekend in Orange County
  1. 32641 Sea Island Drive, Dana Point, CA 92629
Bright, open and fresh describe this Dana Point property which has just had a price…

This Saturday and Sunday July 26th and 27th there are 14 First Team open houses this weekend in the Inland Empire – 14 located in Riverside County, 4 in San Bernardino County and 1 in the Desert Areas. We’ve chosen our top 3 must-see homes for the weekend. Check out our top 3 picks for this weekend. They are some of the most impressive homes on the market and must-sees for this weekend. Here’s a sneak peak!
  1. 541 C L Fleming Circle, Corona, CA 92881
Check out the backyard on this Corona palace - there's a pool, raised spa with waterfall and still TONS of space to play with! open houses this weekend in the Inland Empire   open houses this weekend in the Inland Empire open houses this weekend in the Inland Empire 2. 3943 Elderberry Circle, Corona, CA 92882 This next Corona home was recently reduced by $16,000, and is one of First Team’s designated Hot Buys® which means the price…

There are 11 First Team scheduled open houses this weekend in Los Angles County, July 26th and 27th. We’ve chosen the top 3 must-see open properties for the weekend. They’re both located in Long Beach so plan out your driving schedule and get ready to fall in love with these impressive homes for sale.
  1. 19648 Mulberry Drive, Walnut, CA 91789
Spacious, modern and fun – check out the backyard! open houses this weekend in los angeles county open houses this weekend in los angeles county open houses this weekend in los angeles county
  1. 6619 East Seaside Walk, Long Beach, CA 90803
This chic beach home was recently reduced by $130,000! open houses this weekend in los angeles county Rest and relaxation just got taken to the next level with the amazing view out the dining room window! open houses this weekend in los angeles county open houses this weekend in los angeles county
  1. 6266 East Metz Street, Long Beach, CA 90808
This 3 bed 4.5 bath Long Beach home has recently been reduced by $30,000 and is a First Team…

Cash buyers have ruled the real estate market in the past few years and while their numbers have decreased, there are still plenty of them out there. These cash buyers are usually investors who already have built up the capital to buy a house outright, foreign or independently wealthy. Read about the Chinese buyers in the Southern California real estate market to learn more about your potential homebuyers. So, should you except a cash offer? Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide and what to keep in mind as offers start coming in on your home for sale.
  1. With a cash buyer you don’t have to deal with a lender. When you choose a cash buyer that means your deal doesn’t depend on your buyer securing financing from a lender. A lender could kill a

A Real Estate purchase is the single most important investment many people make in their lives. “The Title” or how you take ownership is insured with Title Insurance.

What is Title Insurance exactly?

Title insurance protects you as a new homeowner from anything that happened in the past with the home that you would not have knowledge of. You pay a one-time fee to a title company at the close of escrow on the home for having them conduct a thorough search and evaluation of public records to guarantee nothing is missed. Problems with Title can limit your how you choose to use and enjoy your new home, and have negative financial consequences.

There is always room for error of course but after an extensive check on behalf of a title company, you can