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This Wednesday marked the official opening of the First Team Real Estate new Anaheim Hills location in the Festival shopping center. The move to a bigger and better office has everyone buzzing about the opportunities now open to the community and of course our local real estate agents.

Anna Bennett, Manager of the Anaheim Hills branch office, explained the excitement of the new move. "I am absolutely in love with our new space, and so are my agents. The new office has inspired us all to step up our game in a big way. The office has given the agents a renewed sense of confidence and pride. Some of them even bought new wardrobes to match our new office!," she said.

"My agents are so proud to invite new clients to our office because they're

Not even Super Bowl weekend can stop the real estate market. Take a peek at the line up of open houses this weekend in LA County, Saturday January 31st and Sunday February 1st. Low mortgage rates won’t last forever so find a home and take advantage of your buyer’s leg up!

You can search open houses this weekend in Los Angeles County by city or search over a hundred open houses across Southern California this weekend.

The best game plan when checking out open houses is to have a real estate agent on your team. An agent can help you act fast when you find the perfect home and answer all of your burning home buying questions. If you have questions before you head out to see homes or would like to team up with an agent, reach out and we’ll match you

Here’s the weekend game plan – Saturday: Visit open houses in Orange County, Sunday: Watch the Super Bowl while you mull over your next real estate decision. Whether your weekend revolves around the big or not, there will be open houses this Saturday and Sunday in Orange County so if you’re in the market for a new home, get out there and start looking.

You can search all Orange County open houses by city search through our complete list of open houses available this Saturday, January 31st and Sunday February 1st in Southern California.

Teaming up with a real estate agent is the best way to make the most of your open house experience. Agents have all the hard-hitting questions you’ll need to ask sellers and the local market smarts to know if you’re

If you’re going to be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, then get your home searching in on Saturday at an open house in the Inland Empire. There are open houses this weekend in Riverside and San Bernardino counties all weekend long so you can find the home of your dreams.

You can search open houses in the Inland Empire by area below or search on our site to see all open houses going on this weekend January 24th and 25th.

Riverside County Open Houses

San Bernardino Open Houses

If you have questions about home buying and the local real estate market, contact a First Team agent near you for assistance. Buyers agents are free (their commission is paid by the seller) and an invaluable resource to any homebuyer – especially first timers! Search

According to Forbes, the average 30-second advertisement for this year’s Super Bowl will set you back $4.5 million.

It’s no surprise that Super Bowl commercials are prime time TV real estate. After all it is possibly the most publicized event in the world, definitely in the U.S. But we can’t help but notice you could buy some impressive brick and mortar real estate for the same price.

So the question is, why would you buy 30-seconds when you could buy your own lap of luxury for the same price?

Let’s take a look at 30 homes you could buy for the same price as a Super Bowl Commercial.

1. 18912 Evening Breeze Circle
5 Beds 7 Baths 6,309 SqFt
Huntington Beach, CA

Italian Villa themed, this Huntington Beach Bluffs estate is

There are tons of things to do in Orange County but if your exploration list ever seems to be running short, consider stopping by one of the 40 museums in the area.

Sure LA is known for it’s art and culture but you might be surprised by just how many exciting things there are to see right here in Orange County. From gorgeous historical homes and grounds to art and science, Orange County museums come in all different shapes and sizes. And some of them are totally free!

Here’s a list of museums in Orange County including address, phone number and cost. We've broken it down by children's, art, special interest, surf, and local history museums. Browse, take note of your favorites and start planning your next excursion…

Children’s Museums


The expected flow of the real estate market goes something like this: First-time buyers enter the market in starter homes, the generation in starter homes moves up into larger houses and those at retirement age move to downsize. Baby Boomers (born between 1946-1964) are nearing retirement age however it seems the reality is, they're not following the expected progression of buying and selling.

Baby Boomers are staying in their homes longer than other generations and 59% do not plan to sell their home when they retire.

baby boomers

This week marks the beginning of lowered FHA insurance premiums proposed by President Obama. Cut by 50 basis points from 1.35% down to 0.85%, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development projects these lowered insurance costs could save millions of borrowers an average of $900 annually in house payments.

Renee Wiginton, financial advisor with Bankers Lending Center, explains, “HUD mandates these changes to continuously strive to achieve the appropriate balance between meeting the housing need of the borrowers and minimizing the level of risk.”

Wiginton breaks down the monthly insurance savings based on a $400,000 home. “A buyer would save $163.65 a month with the new premiums. With the old MMI (monthly mortgage insurance), the monthly

Chances are, your roof isn’t at the top of your to-do for the New Year. And the best way to keep your roof off your to-do list but still going strong is by doing some regular maintenance – taking preventative measures to ensure your roof remains in tip-top shape.

These five simple solutions will not only extend the life of your roof, they’ll save you hundreds in the long run.

1. Clean the Gutters.

It's important to note that a clogged gutter can cause an upward overflow of water. In the event that leaves get piled deeply into a gutter, water can accumulate in your roof sheathing and then rot it. To avoid having to pay to fix this type of damage, be sure that you regularly remove debris from your gutters every spring and fall.

2. Remove

Weekly Mortgage Watch - January 25, 2015

PDF Version - Download the PDF version.

First Team’s Weekly Mortgage Watch (January 25h, 2014) this week highlights the following updates:

  • Mortgage rates mostly leveled off last week, with limited data for markets to digest. The biggest news of the week came from Europe, where the European Central Bank announced a quantitative easing program to purchase sovereign debt of member countries.
  • There is debate as to whether this program will make much of an impact; with some arguing that it will keep pushing money to the US.
  • Markets will have plenty to chew on this week, with some major economic reports and a meeting of the Federal Reserve. Many analysts are hoping that the Fed will bring some additional clarity as to whether it intends to