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First Team’s Weekly Mortgage Watch (November 29th, 2015) this week highlights the following updates:

  • Mortgage rates continued to drift sideways last week, with mixed economic news providing little clarity or predictive insight into the next, heavily-discussed, Federal Reserve meeting. 
  • On the positive side, third quarter GDP was adjusted upward to 2.1%. While this does represent growth, it is still only half of last quarter’s strong 3.9%, and below the economy’s theorized “natural” growth rate of 2.6%.
  • New Home Sales rebounded a strong 10.7%. However, on a more somber note, Consumer Confidence dropped back, giving some pause to hopes for a strong Christmas shopping season.
  • This week, the spotlight is on the

House flipping still remains a potentially lucrative endeavor that many investors in the 2000s likened to day trading. In order to get the most out of your house flipping investment, make you avoid the following flops that could waste both money and time.

Underestimating Costs

This is probably the biggest mistake made by would-be house flippers. Property acquisition is one thing, but it's important to keep in mind that a price that looks good for an immediate living area, is usually not a good price to pay for a potential flip.

The point of flipping is to add sweat equity to a house that needs it, and then resell it. The key to avoid this is to make sure you are factoring in all costs in when looking at a base price.

Not Considering Comps

According to a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, 27% of real estate agents spent between $501 and $2,000 on technology in the past year. In isolation, this may seem like a high amount, but businesses across all sectors should be willing to invest in technology as needed, regardless of their budget.

The Internet has revolutionized the way in which agencies are able to conduct business, opening up various marketing and communication channels, and it is vital to take advantage of this to engage today's clients.

The more opportunities a real estate agency has to reach clients, the greater their chance to enhance sales. To make the most of today's technological advantages, real estate agents must be open to experimentation and

If you are planning a relocation or need to buy or sell an estate, you probably stumbled on the term sale contingency. Wondering what it means? In the broader sense, contingency means a possible negative economic event that may occur in the future, but is not likely. A contingency is used as a way to plan and mitigate certain financial risk by assuming a worst-case scenario.

A home sale contingency is a standard contingency clause included in the real estate contract or an offer.  With this clause in place, the transaction depends upon certain criteria, most commonly, the sale of the buyer’s estate. If the home sells by a specified date, the deal can move forwards. If, however, the house doesn’t sell the buyer can back out of the sale.

Here is what

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First Team’s Weekly Mortgage Watch (November 22nd, 2015) this week highlights the following updates:

  • Mortgage rates held steady last week, as we barrel toward the next Fed meeting. Most analysts agree that the market has priced in a high probability of a Fed Rate increase. However, we continue to experience mixed data. 
  • The Leading Economic Indicators climbed upward, while Industrial Production pressed downward. While there are many tools that the Fed can use, the Fed Fund rate is one of the primary tools that the Fed uses to throttle economic activity to help hold inflation in place. 
  • So, with inflationary pressures running slightly below the Fed’s “speed limit” of 2.0%, and less-than-stellar economic growth,

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Thanksgiving is exactly one week away and the sooner you start planning your menu, table settings and details, the smoother your holiday will be. That's why we rounded up the very best make ahead recipes, holiday hacks and time saving schedules to make sure your big day is on schedule and on point - as it should be. 

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Make one (or all) of these delicious make ahead recipes

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1. Triple Herb Overnight Dinner Rolls

These bad boys take 20 minutes to make the night before then they rise

Northern California with Napa, Sonoma and Santa Barbara is officially wine country but did you know there are actually 10 wineries right here in Los Angeles County? If you're in the mood for some vino, here's where you should go for a tasting right here in L.A. 

San Antonio Winery

2802 S Milliken Ave
Ontario, CA 91761

Image: Flickr

San Antonio Winery is LA’s only producing winery. Come take a complimentary wine tour any day of the week featuring 3 wines from the winemaker’s weekly selection. Have a taste of the renowned Riboli Family of Wines or sample from the selection of fine wines curated from all around the world. On site there is also the Maddelena Restaurant, bistro and private events and banquet rooms.