January 2016

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There's plenty going on this month across Riverside and San Bernardino Counties including the Riverside National Date Festival, Palm Springs Modernism Week and the first ever Space & Alien Snowfest - it's not just a conspiracy theory, it's really happening. For more events going on in Southern California, check out our round up of LA County events and Orange County events happening this February.

Space & Alien Snowfest

Friday, February 5th – Sunday, February 7th

The first annual Ufology Conference is being held at Big Bear Lake February 5th through the 7th.  Expert Ufologists will be speaking on everything from government cover-ups and secret space programs to recent case abductions and compelling discoveries of our origins.

Going cross-eyed from staring at listings online all day? Give your retinas a rest and your search a boost by checking out open house this weekend in Orange County. See the real deal this Saturday and Sunday!


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Make the most of your home search this weekend by teaming up with a real estate agent. Search for an agent on our site or reach out and we’ll match you up with an agent today to be house hunting with you tomorrow.

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HOME BUYER TIP: Getting out to an open house was fun, wasn't? Get out some more this month at Orange County events. Whether it's the Laguna Beach Art Festival, the Lunar New Year Tet Festival or the San Juan

Say hello to your friendly neighborhood First Team agent at open houses in Los Angeles County this weekend. Check out the line-up of First Team open houses or follow to link to see all open houses going on in LA County this weekend. 

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If you’re going shopping for a home this weekend, the smartest plan is to have an agent by your side. An agent can help you act fast when you find the perfect home and answer all of your burning home buying questions. If you have questions before you head out to see homes or would like to team up with an agent, find a First Team agent online or reach out and we’ll match you with a top agent near you.

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Take your home search offline and into Riverside and San Bernardino Counties at open houses this weekend in the Inland Empire. Stop by and say hello to your friendly neighborhood First Team agent!


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If you have any questions about open houses, the real estate process or your local market just ask a real estate agent. It’s literally their job to help you find a house and some happiness at home. Find an agent online near you or contact us and we’ll match you with an agent in your area.

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HOME BUYER TIP: Have some fun! Once you're done slaving away

Preparing your home for inspection helps you find property conditions that can affect the value of your home when negotiating with realtors and potential buyers. Finding problems early on allows you to handle repairs on your own terms, instead of facing difficulty with making repairs on the buyer’s terms.

Preparing for an inspection also helps improve your odds of selling your house within a shorter time, since a clean, tidy home is more aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers.

If you’re ready to sell your home, here are six things to look for before the inspector shows up at your door.

Make Doors, Rooms, and Hallways Accessible

A home inspector needs complete access to your entire house, including the attic, basement, crawl spaces, gates,

Looking for fun things to do in LA County this month? Then you've come to the right place. From LA Cookie Con to Lunar New Year and the Night Dive at the Aquarium of the Pacific, there are tons of cool things to experience throughout February. 

Taste of Night Market

Friday, February 5th – Saturday, February 6th

From the creators of 626 Night Market, the original and largest night market in the U.S., comes a new exclusive tasting event on Los Angeles' Westside. The event will feature an international pan-L.A. mix of cuisines from local chefs and rising tastemakers. Activities and performances will revolve around the theme of the Lunar New Year 2016, the Year of the Monkey. Admission is $70, which includes all

We're thrilled to welcome Rob Norquist as our new Newport Beach Office Manager!

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - Over the last 18 months, First Team® Real Estate Christie’s International has been making serious waves in Orange County’s real estate marketplace, becoming the leading luxury broker by unit sales over $1 million, per public record. And now that the powerhouse brokerage has welcomed industry legend Rob Norquist to lead its Newport Beach office, it’s expected that their success will only continue to gain momentum.

With more than 20 years of experience as a leading real estate professional in the highly competitive marketplace that encompasses coastal Orange County, Rob Norquist is one the industry’s most accomplished experts—and having spent much of

Looking for fun new things to do in Orange County this February? We've got just the thing! Check out our list of events in Orange County including festivals, fights, beer, wine, and more!

OC Writers: Read & Critique

Friday, February 5th

The OC Writers: Read and Critique gathering is all about giving local writers space and time to write, learn and network. Bring your own manuscript in progress for supportive feedback and to learn more about the field. Outlets for laptops and tablet users will be available as well as wifi. Gathering includes time to meet and greet plus ask questions pertaining to the writing and publishing field.

House of 90’s @ House of Blues

Saturday, February 6th


Shopping for your dream apartment or condo is fun, but before you start making appointments to see locations in person, make sure you know what you can practically afford. You might like the luxury high rise, but can you afford everything that comes with it? Write down a list of things you need to have, and what things aren’t necessities, but that you’d like to have.

Once you've got your priorities straight, stick to these three principals and you'll be able to find your absolute dream place, even on a budget.


When you write down your must-haves and your can’t-haves, make sure you think about how much wiggle room each feature has. Your dream apartment may not be exactly what you expect at first, but if you’re flexible, it can be even

There are several things a buyer can do in a competitive market to stand out from the crowd and sweeten the deal when putting in an offer on a home. What has been gaining popularity is a personal cover letter to the seller accompanying your offer, AKA a love letter. 

A love letter is no regular valentine, but an earnest and thoughtful way of making a memorable impression on a seller – and ultimately a way to increase the chances of your offer being chosen. Adding an emotional edge could be just the trick to appealing to a seller.

Here are a few guidelines to stick to so that your love letter is well received and pays out big.

Keep it short and sweet

Sellers aren’t interested in reading a novel, so think about the most important things you want