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  • Mortgage rates moved upward last week on both economic data and comments from the Fed.
  • GDP was revised upward for the 1st quarter to 0.8%.
  • Orders for Durable Goods posted a 3.4% increase, the first back-to-back monthly increases since last summer.
  • New Home Sales posted a sizable 16.6% increase, breaking out of a long-term range.
  • Fed Chair Yellen, as part of a panel at Harvard, stated that an increase in its rates probably would be “appropriate” in the coming months. With FOMC meetings scheduled for June and July, markets are beginning to prepare for the potential increase.
  • This week could see mortgage

While searching for a new house, you are likely to get carried away with the excitement of all your new home features. The pool, the hardwood floors and the updated kitchen you’ve been dreaming of for years can make you forget out critical details – like your budget.

Most buyers do extensive searches online before even heading out to homes, so remembering each detail of the houses can also be a daunting task. Below are a few guidelines that can help you stay focused and make your house-hunting mission simple.

List Your Priorities

Your house searching procedure should start with setting your priorities. This gives you control of the process going forward. Making a clear plan enhances your chances of sealing an important purchase. Make a list of

June is just around the corner and it's full of summer fun things to do in Los Angeles County. Food festivals, music days, craft beer, and so much more going on throughout the county this June 2016. Speaking of summer, that means outdoor movies and tons of free concerts so let's start our list off with those! 

Outdoor Movies

With summer, and particularly good weather, comes outdoor movies in LA. Here’s everything you need to put on your calendar for June.

 Street Food Cinema
These Saturday night movie events include a live music, movie and food trucks.

Events in Los Angeles June 2016

June 4th: Superbad at Westchester Park, Playa Vista
June 4th: Dirty Dancing at Poinsettia Rec Park, West Hollywood
June 4th: Labyrinth at Verdugo Park, Glendale

Monday is the Memorial Day holiday, which means more time this weekend to spend on the things that really matter, like finding your new home. Stop by an Orange County open house this weekend and say hello to your local First Team Real Estate agent. If you have any questions about the summer market, we're here to help! 

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Make the most of your home search this weekend by teaming up with a real estate agent. Search for an agent on our site or reach out and we’ll match you up with an agent today to be house hunting with you tomorrow.

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HOME BUYER TIP: Have some fun this summer once you've settled into your new home. To find out where

Remember and honor the fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom by chasing your American Dream this weekend. Check out First Team open houses in Los Angeles County this Saturday and Sunday. 

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If you’re going shopping for a home this weekend, the smartest plan is to have an agent by your side. An agent can help you act fast when you find the perfect home and answer all of your burning home buying questions. If you have questions before you head out to see homes or would like to team up with an agent, find a First Team agent online or reach out and we’ll match you with a top agent near you.

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Long Memorial Day Weekend = plenty of time to browse open houses in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Where will you start you Inland Empire real estate search this weekend?


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If you have any questions about open houses, the real estate process or your local market just ask a real estate agent. It’s literally their job to help you find a house and some happiness at home. Find an agent online near you or contact us and we’ll match you with an agent in your area.

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Summertime is here and that means even more festivals and fun in Orange County. Food, fun, music and good times are flowing this June 2016. Check out our list of Orange County events and start filling up your calendar with craft beer, local art and more.

Huntington Beach Expo

Thursday, June 2nd

Community and business is coming together at the Huntington Beach Expo held at City Hall. Admission is free for all the festivities of the day including a recycling drop-off, health screenings, food trucks, a job and internship fair, shopping, and police and fire education.

Summerfest Brea 2016

Friday, June 3rd – Sunday, June 5th

A local tradition for 29 years, SummerFest has grown to become the largest

We all have our favorite beaches in Orange County, the go-to spots for the summer to sunbathe, surf, built a sandcastle or just hang out with the family. But if you’re looking to mix it up this summer, then check out our breakdown of beaches by the amenities and activities they offer. Whether you're looking forward to roasting weenies over a bonfire or taking an impromptu hike with coastal views, here's where you can find the perfect summer activity for your family. 

What are you in the mood for this summer?


 Orange County Beaches

Check out the view of San Clemente State Beach from Calafia Park, in San Clemente. Camping on the beach is the best because the views are gorgeous, the location is convenient and the activities are varied from kayaking to

The Baby Boomer population is aging. An increasing number of consumers in the industry—now estimated at 10,000 boomers hitting 65 daily according to a recent study—means that they can demand a wider variety of choices.

Today’s senior living communities must provide a high level of amenities and improved interior designs, or they risk having unhappy residents and lost business. There are plenty of evolving or emerging trends to watch out for in 2016.

Hospitality Design Concepts

Many senior living facilities are opting for a hospitality-style design similar to what you would find in a hotel. Rehab facilities are designed in a resort-style manner. Rehab after an injury is serious business, and having the amenities necessary to focus on that process

Homes acquired by HUD as the result of a foreclosure on an FHA-insured mortgage become HUD housing. These can be a great option for prospective homebuyers searching for a primary residence that may be low on funds.

So what exactly is HUD?

The American Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD as it is also known, is one federal agency directly responsible for any programs and national policies concerning housing, development and improvement all around the nation, its communities and the enforcement of fair housing laws. The way HUD operates is meant to help make decent living conditions a reality for all Americans and it has been working toward improving these on an urban level for many years. The programs HUD covers include the