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Orange County real estate market trends for the month of January 2017, updated with the latest MLS data. Our OC Market Update includes all the stats you need to know before buying or selling on the local real estate market.

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February 2017 is shaping up to be a sweet month with tons of events in Los Angeles County from Cookie Con and Anti-Valentine's Parties to beer festivals and Long Beach Restaurant Week. Check out the list of things to do, fill up your calendar, and get ready for some good times! For even more things to do in your area, check out our list of Orange County events.

Los Angeles A Cappella Festival

February 3rd – February 5th

Events in Los Angeles County February 2017

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The LAAF is a non-profit music festival produced by The Contemporary A Cappella Society that gathers people from all over the world to celebrate, appreciate and advance vocal music as an art form. Yep, real life Pitch Perfect. Held in Calabasas, the weekend long festival will feature top high

Weekly Mortgage Watch January 29 2017 

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  • Mortgage rates went on a bit of a roller coaster ride last week. 
  • As expected, rates begin the week on an upward trend, but by Friday, rates moved back downward.
  • The LEI came in slightly better than expected, while New and Existing Home Sales posted declines as anticipated. Existing home inventories continue to tighten, making it difficult for total sales to rise. 
  • GDP data painted a slightly bleaker picture than experts had predicted, posting only a 1.9% increase. This leaves GDP for 2016 at 1.6%, which remains below what many experts consider the economy’s “natural potential.”
  • This week could very

Don't hate open houses this weekend in Orange County because they're beautiful. Embrace the ravishing real estate for yourself this Saturday and Sunday at open houses near you. You might just find something you love. 


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HOME BUYER TIP: After you put in the hard work of house hunting at open houses this weekend, celebrate at the 2017 Têt Festival at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Or check out all the upcoming events

Check out the latest line-up of open houses in Los Angeles County this Saturday and Sunday. The winds are rolling in some great real estate your way!


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HOME BUYER TIP: Mortgage rates remain low at an average 4.09% for this

The light at the end of the homebuyer tunnel could be waiting at open houses this weekend in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. All you have to do is walk toward it this Saturday and Sunday. 


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HOME BUYER TIP: Hit the ground running with your home

Love going to fun local events in Orange County? Then check out our list of all the exciting stuff happening this February 2016 in Orange County. Highlights include the Socal Winter Brew Fest and the Surf City Marathon. Let the fun begin!

Têt Festival 2017

Friday, January 27th – Sunday, January 29th

You can celebrate the Lunar New Year at the OC Fair Grounds this weekend before we welcome the month of February. The Têt Festival is the largest in the world and attracts over 60,000 guests including hundreds vendors all weekend long. Enter the Phở eating contest, watch the Miss Vietnam of Southern California pageant, enter the Talent Show Competition or shop and eat your way through all of the booths. Têt Festival volunteers

Deciding to a buy a home is a big decision. So when you're finally ready to go, you want to hit the ground running. But purchasing a home often takes longer than most people realize, so moving forward with efficiency is key. The good news is, you can speed the process up if you have a plan in mind, and it's not difficult. 

Get Pre-Approved

Don't wait until the last minute to apply for a loan at the bank. If one of your goals is to avoid wasting time, then getting a pre-approval should be at the top of your list. This step involves going to the bank and filling out a loan application before you approach any sellers. Getting pre-approved shows sellers that you're serious and ready to move on a home as soon as you find the right one. Completing the

We all love the sunny Southern California weather, and the best way to take advantage of our year-round mild temperatures is with an amazing yard where you can enjoy it all. Whether it's a big backyard in Yorba Linda or modest patio space in Newport Beach, it's worth putting in the time so that you love spending your precious time enjoying it.

There are a number of ways to maximize the end-result of this project while also safeguarding against wasteful spending. Keep the following four tips in mind when gearing up for that backyard makeover and you'll be sure to reap the most benefit, at the lowest cost.

Get Lots Of Quotes

We've all met that sales rep that was just so charming and enjoyable that we really just wanted to give him the job right


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  • Mortgage rates rose last week, despite the national survey results. 
  • While the recent run-up in rates may have been induced by perceived positives from the administration change, this increase in rates is based on fundamentals and may be the beginning a long trek upward
  • In two speeches, Fed Chair Janet Yellen gave no hints that would lead analysts to reduce the predicted three rate increases in 2017. 
  • Both the employment rate and inflationary pressures appear to be at levels that will enable the Fed to begin backing further away from emergency-level monetary policy. 
  • However, the chance of an