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FHA loans take about the same amount of time to be processed as a conventional or VA loan, approximately 45 days. That includes the entire process, from the loan application to the final approval and closing. Here's a quick breakdown of the FHA loan approval timeline as outlined by the FHA handbook:

  • Underwriting: 10-20 days
  • Appraisal: less than a week
  • Closing (i.e. the rest): 3 weeks – 3 months

Keep in mind however that there are a dozen different variables that can affect the time your loan takes to close. What can often take an extended amount of time for FHA loans however is finding a property that meets FHA standards.

FHA Home Requirements

The FHA loan is designed to protect the buyer by setting certain standards that a home

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It's T minus 2 days and you've got to be out of your old place and into the new by Monday. It's stressful, but it isn't impossible. Here are some tips that you can follow that will make your weekend whirlwind move easier, without causing unneeded stress. In order for these methods to work, you simply need a bit of organization and planning.


The most important thing that will help you get out of one home and into another in only a few days is a strategy. Get rid of the things that you don't need any longer, as well as items that will be provided in your new home. Be ruthless about old clothes, outdated decorations, and anything that you haven't used in your home for 2 years. This can dramatically decrease the number of boxes that you have to

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When buying a new home, there are so many details to consider, questions to ask, and decisions to make. And if the home you have your eye on happens to have a pool, it leads to additional considerations. If you've always dreamed of summer barbecues that make a big splash and are shopping for a home with the pool, here are four questions to ask before buying.

1. Does the pool add value to the home?

The answer to this question will be very specific to your region, with pools adding the most value in places like Southern California (score!) and western areas with warm weather. Whether a pool adds value also depends on its age and condition. Also keep in mind that if you've always wanted a pool, purchasing a home that already has one will typically cost

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If your New Year’s resolution involves a real estate move, then it’s time to start thinking through all the details sooner, rather than later. Buying and selling real estate can be stressful in many ways, but the actual moving part of the journey doesn’t have to be when you plan ahead. 

How do you get started organizing this upheaval in your life? If you aren’t sure where to start in your move navigation, keep these tips in mind to create a more seamless process.

Find Important Documents

Make sure to put all your important documents such as contracts, licenses, and identification cards into a plastic folder or tote to carry with you to a new location. Replacing these documents is time-consuming and if you need the items right away, then it can

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There are many steps that are involved in the homebuying process, a whirlwind of decisions, paperwork, and things to do. It can be easy to fall in love with a new house that exceeds your expectations and is a place you can envision settling into. But to ensure that you've made the best choice, there are a few things you need to double check before signing.

Make this list, check it twice, find out if your home purchase will be naughty or nice when all is said and done. Are all of your ducks in a row yet?

Double-Check the Numbers

According to, typos are commonplace on the mortgage note and should be evaluated ahead of time. You'll need to look over the numbers to determine if the interest rate or amount needs to be corrected to

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There are tons of hidden costs of homeownership that can make buying feel insurmountable to a first-time buyer. Luckily, California Association of REALTORS® is helping out first-timers by paying their HOA dues. Yeah, it's pretty cool. If you are considering a purchase in communities like Irvine, Rancho Santa Margarita or Ladera Ranch, chances are you could use help paying HOA dues, especially after you've already hit out your bank account with everything from a down payment to closing costs. 

C.A.R.’s Housing Affordability Fund’s Homeowners Association Grant Program will provide qualified first time California homebuyers up to six months of HOA dues, not to exceed $2,500. The program begins this December, 2016 and you can take advantage by syncing up

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Maybe you've bought a house in your day, so you feel like a real estate expert. But even some experienced buyers don't know everything, though, which is why it's always good to do your homework before buying or selling another piece of property. It's time to get real and face the facts, here are five things you probably didn't know about real estate.

Your Credit Score Is Very Important

Though a mortgage lender cares about how much you make and how long you have been in your job when considering whether to lend to you, the deciding factor may actually be your credit score. People with a high credit score, usually about 720 or higher, get the best interest rates on mortgages, which can save you tens of thousands of dollars in finance costs over

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Purchasing a new home can be a long, arduous, and exhausting journey. The seemingly endless parade of homes that fit the bill on paper but fall short in real life can lead to frustration. This, the rising cost of homes, and rising number of buyers, may make you feel pressured to snatch up the first house that even remotely fits your needs.

But before you plunk down that hefty deposit, make sure you aren't ignoring these warning signs. Yes, these signs point to a house that’s not worth the hassle – or the added cost.

Foundation Problems

Make sure you inspect, or better still, have a professional get in the basement and inspect the foundation. A faulty foundation can not only cost lots of money to repair to prevent any further issues, but you

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Buying your first home is a monumental moment. Years of saving and sacrifice have put you in the financial position to finally make that big purchase. However, the expenses that come with buying a home don't stop with that initial down payment.

There are many hidden costs most buyers are not aware of before they step foot into that first open house. Let's take a look at some of those costs as we try to help increase your understanding of the true financial readiness of buying a home.


The monthly mortgage price for a home is often the amount most homeowners use to evaluate whether they can afford a house or not. As a potential homeowner, you cannot forget that you are responsible for property taxes owed on the property.

If you are not

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Envision implies the forming of an idea, seeing something as a real possibility, visualizing the future and mentally picturing the concept. With so many different types of striking architecture and design aesthetics, it can be daunting to choose one cohesive idea for your dream luxury home. To envision you must have a clear and concise expectation of the finished product before you begin the building process. 

From picking the perfect location to deciding on the right functionality for your family, here's what you need to consider in order to make your dream luxury home a reality. 

Locating the Perfect Spot

One obvious first step to take in the planning of your home is choosing a plot of land, deciding how much property you desire, and what your

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