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Most people wait until the spring to begin deep cleaning their home. However, for those of you who want to get your home back to comfy cozy after all of the holiday craziness, it's important to focus on a clean home first thing in the new year. By taking time to clean your home now, you can make sure that you are starting the year off on the right foot. Here’s how to create space and make your home sparkle and shine like new.

Wipe down baseboards

Sounds like a random place to start, but it's probably something you've been overlooking since, well, forever. The baseboards are an easy place for dust to hide and can reduce the air quality in the home, which can lead to allergies for you and your family. That is just one reason why it is essential for

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A roof is one of the most critical parts of any home's structure and integrity. It is important to choose a roof material that will provide a home with long-lasting protection. There is really no “best” roofing material. Different materials are suited for different climates and conditions. The conditions of dry and hot climates make choosing roofing materials made of clay tile, slate, and white metal some of the best possible roofing material options.

Slate Tile

Slate roofs are some of the most prestigious, durable and expensive roofs on the market. Although slate costs significantly more upfront, it requires very little maintenance and will last decades longer than most other roofing materials. Like clay, slate is naturally heat resistant and

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Your home is perhaps one of the most valuable possessions that you hold, yet about two-thirds of Americans have inadequate insurance. This could be due to the fact that 50 percent of policyholders do not fully understand their insurance policies. The following are five emergency situations that you may not be covered for.


Earthquakes are expected in some regions of the United States like Florida or California, but that is starting to change. Researchers have found that the moving mantle under the earth could lead to earthquakes in unexpected regions, yet most homeowners do not have earthquake or sinkhole insurance. Calling your insurance company as soon as possible is a good idea.


You may need to add some renovations

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Envision implies the forming of an idea, seeing something as a real possibility, visualizing the future and mentally picturing the concept. With so many different types of striking architecture and design aesthetics, it can be daunting to choose one cohesive idea for your dream luxury home. To envision you must have a clear and concise expectation of the finished product before you begin the building process. 

From picking the perfect location to deciding on the right functionality for your family, here's what you need to consider in order to make your dream luxury home a reality. 

Locating the Perfect Spot

One obvious first step to take in the planning of your home is choosing a plot of land, deciding how much property you desire, and what your

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Technology is making headlines across the world in sectors like healthcare, gaming, and security, but what about home decor? These simple tricks show you some of the best ways to incorporate technology into your home's design. From smart lighting to wireless phone chargers, you can easily get the best for your home. And great holiday gift ideas for the tech nerd in your life!

Transparent Televisions

Source: dornob.com

Transparent televisions are a sleek way to show off your elegant and stylish side. It's easy to watch quality television and simply leave the screen transparent when you're done. Some transparent televisions even embrace the direction of modern technological interfaces with gesture-powered selection and OLED displays for a

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Remodeling is both exciting and scary. You’re ready for change, but you don’t want to hurt your home’s value. If you ever choose to sell, you don’t want to get hung up on a bad remodel.

Most homeowners assume all remodels and upgrades add significant value to the home, but it’s not always the case. Your remodel has the potential to add value to your home, but it’s also very easy for it to go the other way. Knowing how your remodel can make or break the value of your home isn’t just interesting information, it’s imperative. 

Kitchen Remodel

The common misconception is any kitchen remodel will add value to the home. While most buyers want a beautifully updated kitchen, it’s still important that it match the aesthetics of the house. For example, a

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Building your dream home is exciting, but it’s also one of the most stressful situations you’ll ever go through. It’s long, it’s arduous, and things always manage to go wrong at some point. When it’s time to start the process, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is your forever home, and it’s the one you want to include everything you desire.

To make the process go smoothly, you might want to consider a few useful tips.

Know You Can’t Always See The Progress

The beginning is exciting. You see the lot cleared, and things look like they’re productive. The foundation is poured, the walls go up, the roof goes on, and suddenly it looks as though your builder hasn’t been there in weeks. Just because you can’t see the progress doesn’t mean

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You get along fine with your neighbors, but the houses are so close together in Southern California that privacy is an issue. Depending on how much you want to invest, there are ways to increase your privacy and still stay on good terms with your friends next door. Here are some simple solutions that provide the privacy you want, require no special tools to install, and allow you to keep more money in your pocket.

Adding Window Film

You’ll find several different options for window film. One way to go is to invest in films that give the windows a frosted look. You’ll still have natural light filtering in during the day, but no one will be able to see inside the privacy of your home. Keep in mind that this type of film also reduces your ability to

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Even if you don’t have a master’s degree in electrical engineering, there are still some minor fixes that a homeowner with basic electrical skills can do around their home. One thing to do in every case of electrical repair is to turn off the power at the service panel before starting to work. If you still aren’t sure if the power is completely off, use an electrical tester. Here are some other simple electrical repairs all new homeowners should know.

Replacing Receptacles

If a receptacle no longer works the way it should, all that needs to be done is to wire a new one exactly the way the old one was wired. First, remove the screw that holds the faceplate. Then, remove the screws that hold the receptacle to the box. They are found at the top and the

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In order to get top dollar for your home, it’s got to be in tiptop shape. That’s why most sellers begin home improvement projects before listing their home. New roof, new flooring, new kitchen, etc. The list can go on and on but the fact is, there are some projects that have a terrible return on investment (ROI) that all home sellers should avoid.

The 2016 Cost Vs. Value report breaks down common home improvement projects to show job costs, resale value and percentage of costs recouped. We took a look at the Los Angeles area specific report to get the best idea of what projects are a bad idea for Southern California sellers in particular.

Project: Upscale Deck Addition (composite)

Job Cost: 45,351

Cost Recouped: 59.2%

Composite decking is

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