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If you have recently purchased your first house and it's a fixer-upper, then you're probably excited about putting your personal stamp on your home. Renovations allow you to design a house that fits your needs and personality, while also improving the overall value. However, watch out for the four following pitfalls that can destroy your budget, and the ultimate plans for the house.

Spending Too Much on Low-Impact Pieces

You will want to carefully budget before beginning your renovation, making sure to budget for around 15 to 20 percent more than the hard numbers that you give any contractors you hire. However, even within these increased budgetary strictures, you may find that it is quite easy to overspend in certain rooms.

While it can be good

Committing to a home equity loan may be just what you need to meet a large, unexpected expense or to make that needed home improvement. Home equity loans make use of the equity you have built up in your home as collateral. When used wisely, they can be far wiser choices than personal loans or reverse mortgages. It may not be for the rest of your life, but it is a big decision that will affect your financial future, for better or worse.

In today’s changing real estate and financial markets due to the economic upswing, here are the top facts that you should know before committing to a home equity loan.

Consider the Loan versus the Line of Credit

Financial institutions generally give you two options for borrowing against your home’s equity. The

Maintaining a home is an ongoing process that requires constant vigilance. Even though carrying out preventative projects might seem like a hassle, they can end up saving you thousands of dollars and prevent a major disaster that potentially puts your family in danger.

Here are a few tips you can use to avoid some of the most common mishaps that will bring your daily life to a grinding halt.

Create a Maintenance Checklist

Just because you have an excellent memory doesn’t mean you are going to remember every single project you carry out on your home. Over the course of a single year, you might need to remember hundreds of different tasks ranging from changing batteries to testing your water, and you can drastically reduce your risk of forgetting

Summer is quickly approaching and it's time to prepare your home. From a well-organized garage packed with fun equipment, to a relaxing garden oasis, there are a whole range of possibilities for home improvements. Check out these quick tips if you want to create a stylin' summer dream home.

Prepare For Activities

For a fun and memorable summer, it is a good idea to get outside and enjoy quality time with the family. As part of your preparations for this exciting season, consider organizing your garage and keeping a well-stocked collection of sports equipment around. From badminton to basketball, you can easily make your home the most fun on the block with a little organization and preparation. Pegboards, mounted shelving and vertical bike storage

The paint job of a home’s interior walls is one of its most important features when selling. But how can you tell when it’s time for a new coat?

Did you know that 94% of real estate agents recommend a fresh coat of paint on a property you’re trying to sell? Or that a fresh paint job can increase the price of that property by as much as two thousand dollars? Crazy, right?

That’s why even if your investment property doesn’t have peeling walls or terrible wallpaper, you should seriously consider a new interior paint job.

Maybe the walls in one room are faded from sun exposure. Maybe one of the home’s former occupants was a smoker, or had a thing for scented candles. Maybe the person you purchased the property from had terrible taste in colors.

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market in the near future, it can be difficult to see past tedious things like paperwork and scheduling, to assess the bigger picture - the current state of your home. There are certain home improvements that will fetch your home a higher price, so it's important to stay on top of the trends that are enticing today's buyers. Here are some of the top current home improvement trends that will increase the value of your home.

Smart home technology


For many potential buyers, a 21st-century home is not complete without integrated technology features. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of smart tech gadgets and other products that can add value to your home quickly and easily. Most tech-savvy homeowners

Your home may date back to the last century or before, but you can still bring it into the modern era with some key changes. You can take advantage of all that the technological age has to offer, and you can also save by making your home more eco-friendly. Here are the top four changes you’ll want to consider for your humble home.

Energy Efficient Windows

Companies like the Fischer Window and Door Store offer eco-friendly options that will help you keep the utility bills down. Choose energy star rated windows to minimize heat transfer and put a stop to drafts. You can also give your home a facelift at the same time by opting for decorative grids, bay, or bow windows.


From the thermostat to your alarm and even a doorbell camera,

Those looking to sell their homes may be concerned about home layout, number of bedrooms, renovated kitchens and even paint colors. However, research has shown that without the right appearance outdoors, many potential buyers will not even bother to look inside the home or will write off an otherwise amazing house.

For example, in the 2016 Remodeling Impact report from the National Association of REALTORS®, researchers found that nearly 100% of agents working with buyers believe curb appeal is important to potential buyers. A similar survey showed that sellers who invest in landscaping can make a 215% return on their investment in a neighborhood with other well-landscaped homes. Here are the top yard improvements and investments that can speed up the

As the weather begins to warm up, it is time to start thinking about pest control. Household pests will begin to multiply during the spring, and what started off as a few bugs can quickly turn into a massive colony. Here are some simple tips and tricks you can use to prevent bug and rodent infestations in the coming months.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Dogs and cats that are not regularly cleaned can easily bring new bugs into a home. Their thick winter coats are the perfect hiding place for bugs such as fleas, ticks, termites, and ants. As they start to shed their winter coat, you might want to consider having them trimmed and cleaned by an experienced groomer. You should also inspect them for ticks and other pests whenever they spend time outside.


Outdoor space at home is a valuable commodity. Even a very small area, such as a patio or porch, can be beautiful and useful when created with care. An outdoor space should reflect the needs of the family: a play space for children, a hangout for teens and tweens, or a dog run for the family pet. As needs change, the space can change also, provided it is designed with thought and planning for both the present and the future.

Create a Conversation Area

Even on a very limited budget it is possible to create an inviting conversation area. Comfortable seating and small tables to hold drinks and snacks are the necessities. Cushions to use on wood or metal outdoor furniture can be purchased or made at home. Fabric stores carry material specifically for