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It's T minus 2 days and you've got to be out of your old place and into the new by Monday. It's stressful, but it isn't impossible. Here are some tips that you can follow that will make your weekend whirlwind move easier, without causing unneeded stress. In order for these methods to work, you simply need a bit of organization and planning.


The most important thing that will help you get out of one home and into another in only a few days is a strategy. Get rid of the things that you don't need any longer, as well as items that will be provided in your new home. Be ruthless about old clothes, outdated decorations, and anything that you haven't used in your home for 2 years. This can dramatically decrease the number of boxes that you have to

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If your New Year’s resolution involves a real estate move, then it’s time to start thinking through all the details sooner, rather than later. Buying and selling real estate can be stressful in many ways, but the actual moving part of the journey doesn’t have to be when you plan ahead. 

How do you get started organizing this upheaval in your life? If you aren’t sure where to start in your move navigation, keep these tips in mind to create a more seamless process.

Find Important Documents

Make sure to put all your important documents such as contracts, licenses, and identification cards into a plastic folder or tote to carry with you to a new location. Replacing these documents is time-consuming and if you need the items right away, then it can

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When trying to sell a home in a competitive real estate market, or any market for that matter, it’s all about marketing and presentation. Gimmicks and bad sales can be spotted right away, from the crummy pictures to the sickly sweet scented candles hiding the smell of your pets. 

You need to get potential buyers interested right off the bat with a great first impression, instead of sitting on the market while you learn your lesson of the importance of marketing the hard way. These aren’t just tricks and tips, these are the tried and true marketing strategies.

Give Your Home Curbside Appeal

The exterior of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will notice as they drive past your home. Make sure the exterior looks fantastic by washing the

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Your parents have passed away and it’s your responsibility to sell their 1960s split-level. It’s time to downgrade your home now that all the kids are gone and you realize you haven’t looked upstairs or touched the backyard in a decade. These are just a few examples in which a seller would consider selling a property “as is”.

When selling a home “as is” you are letting prospective buyers know that you are not going to do any repairs or put in any work to get the house into better shape. What you see is what you get.

Can buyers still negotiate?

Even if you advertise that you’re selling in “as is” condition, there’s no way to absolutely prevent a buyer from making an offer and then later trying to negotiate some extra cash concessions after the

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Remodeling is both exciting and scary. You’re ready for change, but you don’t want to hurt your home’s value. If you ever choose to sell, you don’t want to get hung up on a bad remodel.

Most homeowners assume all remodels and upgrades add significant value to the home, but it’s not always the case. Your remodel has the potential to add value to your home, but it’s also very easy for it to go the other way. Knowing how your remodel can make or break the value of your home isn’t just interesting information, it’s imperative. 

Kitchen Remodel

The common misconception is any kitchen remodel will add value to the home. While most buyers want a beautifully updated kitchen, it’s still important that it match the aesthetics of the house. For example, a

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Going green is not only important for the environment, but it's also a valuable quality in today's real estate market. Many homebuyers today are interested in "green" homes. Approximately 90% of buyers think homes that are energy efficient is an important factor when house shopping, as reported by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

In other words, a green home might be easier to sell. Here are four ways that going green can help you with this task: 

Replace Old Appliances With Energy-Saving Ones

Replacing old appliances before you sell is a great way to up your resale value. You can add even more value by replacing old appliances with new energy-saving designs that can drastically increase energy savings. Any energy that is saved

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Peak summer real estate season may be over, but there's still plenty of demand on the Southern California market for a speedy sale any time of the year. If you want to attract buyers, then you know the basics are creating an excellent first impression so that your home sells itself.

Here's how to grab buyers' attention to have them rolling in and writing offers in no time. 

Use Curb Appeal

Few people will pay any attention to a house that looks like a fixer-upper. But buyers will fall hook, line, and sinker for a new paint job and a well manicured lawn. Adding to the curb appeal of your home could mean anything from hiring the professionals at Shank Door to replace the garage door to trimming the hedge, or replacing the mailbox. 

As a

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In order to get top dollar for your home, it’s got to be in tiptop shape. That’s why most sellers begin home improvement projects before listing their home. New roof, new flooring, new kitchen, etc. The list can go on and on but the fact is, there are some projects that have a terrible return on investment (ROI) that all home sellers should avoid.

The 2016 Cost Vs. Value report breaks down common home improvement projects to show job costs, resale value and percentage of costs recouped. We took a look at the Los Angeles area specific report to get the best idea of what projects are a bad idea for Southern California sellers in particular.

Project: Upscale Deck Addition (composite)

Job Cost: 45,351

Cost Recouped: 59.2%

Composite decking is

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Even if you are not planning on selling your home anytime soon, it never hurts to continually add value to your home. These five items are very appealing to potential buyers, so they help to boost the market value of your house without requiring a great deal of work or expenses.

It's the little things that count


Having a grand stylish kitchen or outdoor fire pit won't help your home's value if all the little things are broken. Reliable plumbing, a roof and windows without leaks, and a well maintained heater are all ultimately more important than trendy add-ons. If you are on a budget, invest in repairs before doing upgrades. Keeping the small details up to date with help you avoid costly damage repair in the future, and give you

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Once you decide to sell your home there are some small, but vital legal procedures that you may not know about. These need to be done right during the process of your sale. If you have sold a house in the past you most likely know that the process of selling personal property is very complex. 

When you are transferring a major investment to another, there are several subtle details you should take care of, otherwise they can turn into costly problems if you don't handle them correctly. One common mistake that many home sellers make is not consulting an experienced professional who is versed in the legal procedures that should be followed when selling residential properties.

Hiding concealed defects

All states require that all latent defects

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