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Home sellers today are seeing an increase in multiple bids, or bidding wars. The best offer is accepted, but sometimes a real estate transaction will not go through. In that case, the home has to go back on the market. The only way around re-listing is to accept a backup offer.

What is a backup offer?

A backup offer is an offer for your property that you are ready to accept if the primary offer doesn’t make it to the close of escrow. Real estate transactions can fall through for a variety of reasons, so it’s better to be safe. Backup offers, however, can be tricky. It’s important to know and consider the following 4 things about backup offers before you accept your first one.

1. A backup offer is as legally binding as a primary Purchase Agreement.

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As you embark on the journey to sell your home, you will be introduced to the comparative market analysis (CMA). The CMA will give you an idea of the market climate and since home selling does not happen in a vacuum, it is important to understand the competition and how you can competitively position your home in the market. If you are not utilizing the CMA as a tool in your home selling process then you need to be. We are bringing you the top 3 reasons a comparative market analysis will help sell your home.

What Is A Comparative Market Analysis?

A CMA is an in-depth look at homes similar to yours in size, location, condition, and amenities that have sold within the past 3 to 6 months. This analysis is a regular part of your First Team agent’s

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When it comes to high-end home staging, some people mistakenly believe that all home stagers are created equal and downplay the need to stage your home, effectively. To help you understand the importance of staging your home and finding a qualified stager, we talked to First Team Real Estate agent, Kathy Leimkuhler, about her highly successful approach to high-end home staging and suggestions on finding a qualified stager.

Leimkuhler always brings the professional home stager she works with to meet the buyer and look at the home. Her belief that staging sells has proved itself to her over numerous transactions, including homes that were previously unsellable. Finding a qualified home stager requires you to do a little research but don’t worry, we

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In the latest National Association of Realtors (NAR) report, home sellers can expect competitive pricing this year to move forward as the real-estate market continues to shift towards sellers. If you're in the market of selling your home in today's highly competitive market, here are 10 common mistakes you need to know and learn how to avoid.

1)  Pricing your home improperly

The most common mistake home sellers make is improperly pricing their home: overpricing and underpricing. The damage of underpricing is taking an unnecessary loss on your home. With overpricing, it becomes more complex. An overpriced home will be neglected by buyers and their agents. A seller who lists their house over the local market value will have to drop the asking price…
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The market for short sales, whereby underwater homeowners sell their homes despite owing more on the mortgage than the property’s value, is expected to hit an all-time high in 2012 because bankers now realize that this option is more profitable than foreclosure. Data from RealtyTrac shows that during the first quarter of this year alone, the number of short sales – 109,521 – was up 25 percent on an annual basis, showing the highest level observed in three years. In some cases, the desire to help move on from underwater, distressed properties is so strong that banks have even begun to offer underwater borrowers large sums of money if they agree to a short sale for their distressed property. Distressed homeowners believe that the expression “short sale” is…
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Uncertainty is the word of the hour in real estate but there are several factors the KCM Crew lay out below that are pointing to the fact that there may be … A Window of Opportunity for House Sellers. There has been much confusion as to where housing prices are headed. We have actually blogged on the issue recently. Today, we want to give our opinion on this subject for the short term. We believe sellers have a window of opportunity for the next 90-120 days in which to sell their homes for maximum price. We believe there will be increased downward pressure on home prices later this year and the first half of 2012.

Why renewed downward pressure?

Any item’s price is determined by ‘supply and demand’. In many parts of the country existing housing inventory…
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