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There are many issues that can detract from your home’s value if you don’t address them. Whether you want to sell your home or spend the rest of your life there, it’s important to address problems that only get worse over time. The following are four of the biggest issues that can drop the value of your home faster than an unprotected iPhone. 


Pests can cause serious damage to a home. Some pests are merely a nuisance. Others, however, can do serious harm to your home’s foundations. Termites and carpenter ants in particular can literally destroy the structure of a home over time. Rodents can also cause serious damage by gnawing away at walls, floors and ceilings. If you have a pest problem, you should consult with a professional pest control

Southern California is still experiencing a seller’s market, but your house won’t sell like the hot cake that it if you shoot yourself in the foot right out the gate. No matter what market your area is experiencing, there are certain selling mistakes will have your home sitting on the market gathering dust and doubt in the eyes of homebuyers.  

Should you manage to escape the following traps and pitfalls, you can be sure that potential buyers will see the unique value in your home. Avoid these selling mishaps and you’ll be sitting pretty with multiple offers in no time.

Incorrect pricing

Inaccurate pricing is the mistake that is most likely to get your real estate stuck on the market for a very long time. On the one hand homebuyers may be weary

Everyone wants his or her home to be as valuable as possible. Most of us want to get the most out of our homes if we ever needed to sell them. Sometimes older homes can have problems that reduce their value. 

If you are looking to sell an older home, here are some tips you can use in order to increase the value of your home. Some may be more obvious than others, but are all guaranteed to increase the value of your home if you use them correctly. 

We used the 2016 Cost vs. Value Remodeling Report for the Los Angeles area to help you get an idea of what will work best in your home. The numbers for job costs, resale value and cost recouped are averages for the LA and Orange County area over the past year. 

Kitchen Cabinets

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Listing a home only to have it sit on the market day after day can be a very frustrating experience for sellers. Being unable to close the deal quickly can leave home and property owners with limited options, and may even increase the risk that future market volatility may have a negative impact on the sale price.

Here are just a few insider tips that can help ensure you are able to attract the interest of the right buyer, sooner rather than later. 

Enhance the Curb Appeal

First impressions are very important. A shabby exterior or unattractive lawn can be a significant liability when it comes to a quick and successful sale. Landscaping upgrades, new exterior siding, or paint and other simple cosmetic upgrades that will enhance the curb appeal of

In a favorable real estate market, it’s common for potential sellers to fall victim to the notion that they can do no wrong. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! That's why home pricing with local market knowledge is one of our New Rules of Real Estate. It's that important for success. 

Avoid these classic mistakes to ensure you attain the highest possible value for your home, in the shortest amount of time.

Taking a ‘Zestimate’ as gospel.

Estimates from sites like Zillow are just that—estimates! To determine a logical listing price, it takes a trained professional. That's because a trained professional takes into account things that a simple estimate database can't like daily or weekly market conditions and intimate neighborhood

An investment property, particularly in Southern California, might seem like a can’t-lose prospect—something that’s wise to hang on to for decades to come. And, in many instances, investment properties will prove incredibly lucrative for a very long time—but as is the case with any other investment, it cannot be assumed the good fortune will last forever.

It might be that your investment property will bring you positive dividends for years to come, but you can’t assume that’s the case. Here, some questions to ask yourself to help determine whether it’s time to sell your investment property once and for all.

1. Is the depreciation tax deduction still available?

The depreciation tax deduction applies to any given property for a finite amount of

There are good and bad times to do everything. Any consumer knows that shopping is best done on certain dates and times. Many of the best sales come on the weekends, holidays and the starts of seasons. Likewise, when you plan a move, there are certain times of the year that may be more beneficial to the buyer or seller. These considerations can help you make the best choice for you and your family.


If you need convenience more than affordability, choose to move during the summer or spring. You have more hours in the day to focus on packing carefully and making arrangements. Spring and summer is the time when many people decide to move. It’s a good time for both buyers and sellers. The weather and no school in session makes it easier

Save the DIY routine for your bath soaps and birthday presents. When it comes to real estate, you shouldn’t chance it without a professional. Buying or selling a home is a colossal investment, and mistakes can end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Let's go over just 6 instances when buying or selling a house without the assistance of a professional could turn into a very messy mistake.

Never Ending Negotiations

While many people think they are good at negotiating due to saving a couple thousand dollars off of the sticker price of a car, this is not really the case. For a huge investment like a home, it’s best to leave it in the hands of a real estate professional that has the experience of bullishly negotiating for the best price possible.

When it comes to making money from real estate there are quite a few details and lingo, something first time sellers may find confusing. One such situation is the difference between list price, sales price and the appraised value of a property. Let's break it down, shall we?

The difference between list and sale prices

The list price of your home is the price tag you set when you put it on the market. As a seller there several things that could cause you to adjust your list price. For example, if your listing has been on the market for months with no offers, then it may be time to make a price reduction.

The sales price is the amount the property sells for in the end after all is said and done. Sometimes the sale price and the list price are the

Preparing your home for inspection helps you find property conditions that can affect the value of your home when negotiating with realtors and potential buyers. Finding problems early on allows you to handle repairs on your own terms, instead of facing difficulty with making repairs on the buyer’s terms.

Preparing for an inspection also helps improve your odds of selling your house within a shorter time, since a clean, tidy home is more aesthetically pleasing to potential buyers.

If you’re ready to sell your home, here are six things to look for before the inspector shows up at your door.

Make Doors, Rooms, and Hallways Accessible

A home inspector needs complete access to your entire house, including the attic, basement, crawl spaces, gates,