The Laws of Homebuyer Attraction

Posted by First Team Real Estate on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 at 10:30am.

Is your property a homebuyer magnet? The thought of trying to sell your house yourself might have you halted in your tracks if you're not sure where to start when it comes to getting buyers in the door and offers in hand. But luckily, following some simple tips can help your home stand out against the rest.

The laws of homebuyer attraction are simple; you just need to know how to pull on the buyer heartstrings and rope in the romantics looking for their new home. 

Stage the House

Did you know that staging can increase your home’s value by up to 15%? That's why staging is one of our NEW Rules of Real Estate® that every First Team agent sticks to. Not only does staging make your home more attractive to lure people in, it gives buyers a more positive experience when they visit. For example, if your house is cluttered and loaded with pictures of you and your family, possible buyers may have trouble envisioning themselves living in the space. Make it open, easy to see, and ready for purchase.

Host an Open House

Private appointments to see your home are useful because people can get an individual look at what your house has to offer. However, an open house also drives traffic. While you may get some traffic from people who are not anywhere close to actually purchasing a home, you are also likely to encourage individuals who are on the brink of making an offer on a property they love.

Follow Professional Guidance

Working with a real estate agent is useful for a variety of reasons. Early in the process, you can obtain advice on how to make your house more marketable. For example, a First Team agent can help assess what repairs or finishing touches will be worth the time and money before putting it on the market. Experienced agents will also have an established marketing plan to attract buyers and get your home the exposure it needs while on the market. 

Advertise Online

According to research, 92% of buyers use the Internet in their home search process. That means you've got to romance the buyers on their own turf. You could let your friends on Facebook know that you are selling to get the word out, but you need a larger strategy than that. First Team places listings on over 2,000 real estate websites and publications across the country. Plus our exclusive partnerships with Christie's International Real Estate, Luxury Portfolio International™, and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ allow us to extend exposure to luxury buyers across the globe. We like to be thorough. 

Consider an Alarm System

When potential buyers are scouting out houses, they are often interested in the school districts and the crime rates. While you cannot change the location of your house, you can work to change how susceptible your house is to crime. When buyers plan to put an alarm system into whatever house they buy, a home that has an installed system likely cuts down on some of their work. You can see how to save money and keep your home safe on these sites and find ways to install on your own.

We can help you master the laws of homebuyer attraction, as well as your local market trends. Match up with a First Team agent and start planning your home sale strategy today. 

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