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If you drive a car, you wouldn't think of not carrying auto insurance. If you owned a home, you wouldn't think twice about buying homeowners insurance. For those who rent a house or apartment, there is no reason not to buy a renters insurance policy. You might think you're fine without it—but that's the purpose of insurance—to handle the disasters that you never expect. If you don't think renter's insurance is worth the money, read on to learn about a few instances where you might wish you had it.

1. Your Stuff Gets Stolen

If a thief breaks into your apartment and steals your things, your renter’s insurance policy can be used to pay for replacement items. Without renter's insurance, you are out of luck when your things get stolen. Thieves often

According to a recent PulteGroup Home Index Survey, 52% of Americans indicate they enjoy hosting holiday gatherings in their home, however 47% believe their house is inadequate and are stressed out by the thought of hosting. On average, we spend $350 hosting parties and get-togethers and that’s not even including presents for your family and friends! Whether you’re worried about space, amenities, or the financial burden of holiday hosting, here are some tips to help you out. 

Create more space for guests to interact in your living room

Don’t be afraid to do a bit of feng shui and rearrange your furniture before the party. Move your coffee table or other small pieces of furniture to the sides of your living room to create space. By having the center

Here are some quick and easy Halloween party ideas so you can throw together a spirited shindig in no time! There are suggestions for decorations, food and fun activities to do with your guests.

DIY Halloween Decorations

Get Creative With Pumpkins And Gourds

The easiest way to decorate for a fall party is with the fruits of the season – pumpkins and gourds! They come in all different shapes, sizes, textures and fall colors that look great when simply grouped together for a center piece.


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If you’re going for a natural and rustic look for your party, no further decorating necessary! If you want to turn up the fright, then paint them. Black and silver will look bewitching in your home and bring a darker feel to your party.

Halloween is just around the corner so it’s time to start preparing you house for all the little boys and ghouls who will be visiting. Don’t just hand out candy, embrace the spooky season and make your house the scariest – and the most exciting – on the block! The best way to entice and terrify your tick-or-treaters is with great outdoor decorations in your front yard and entry way.

Here are some DIY Halloween decorations and ideas that will help transform your home into a truly terrifying haunted house.  

Freaky Front Yard


  1. Spooky soundtrack. You can buy a Halloween themed CD at the store or even better, make your own. Record yourself breathing heavy like you’ve just escaped a monster and add some screams for dramatic effect. Another