One-on-One Technology Training

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At First Team, we pride ourselves on being a digitally-driven, agent-focused company, always listening to the needs of our agents to help them grow and adapt. That’s how we came up with and launched our Offline to Online program in 2020 offering 1-on-1 Technology Training for our agents who needed that extra helping hand to take their business virtual.

The real estate industry has been steadily shifting for years toward emerging digital technologies, and it all came to a head when our world shut down during the first wave of COVID lockdowns. Our agents needed to immediately take their offline farming techniques, communications, and marketing strategies online. And as a lifetime career organization for REALTORS®, we had many longtime agents in our First Team family who needed help bridging that technology gap. They asked, and we delivered a quick and easy way to hire a personal Tech Coach to help take their business into the digital space seamlessly, utilizing all of the company paid technology tools already at their disposal.

The Power of Teamwork

So how did we find these real estate specific Tech Coaches who already knew the industry through and through and how to utilize our suite of proprietary tools? We hired from within! Our first Tech Trainers were all First Team Real Estate agents who stepped up to help their fellow team members master the technology they needed to adapt and succeed.

Our culture of sharing and collaboration across our 30 local offices and more than 2,000 agents allows us to put the power of teamwork into action to problem-solve and succeed together. Fill out the form below to learn more about our 1-on-1 Technology Training and how we harness the power of teamwork to support and serve each and every one of our agents.