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Building a Profitable Partnership: First Team Community Office

When you enter a partnership with First Team, you will experience a communicative, collaborative environment focused on providing unparalleled support to develop your career. As a successful agent, business person and entrepreneur, you should be asking yourself,

“Do I currently own a business that I can sell in the future for cash or residual income?”

If your current business model is based solely on your daily grind and personal brand, then the answer is no. A business based exclusively on owner relationships is nearly impossible to sell because once the owner leaves, so does the reason for clients to be attracted to that business.

This is where a strategic partnership with First Team comes in, which we refer to as a Community Office. We help you continue building your personal brand while simultaneously building a separate real estate office asset that you can sell with ease when you decide to step away. How do we know this?‍

We will purchase it from you! And we put that in writing, up front.

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First Team Community Office Locations

Long Beach Community Office
Lido Marina Village, Newport Beach Community Office
Ranch Cucamonga Community Office
High Desert Community Office
Redefined Support

What makes our Community Office model different?

We have redefined the term "support".

Access to our full-suite of company paid tools including a fully operational website and CRM, plus our IT Support Team 7 days a week.
Our fully-staffed Marketing Department is at your disposal from design to distribution and will help you transition and integrate your marketing and branding.
Continually helping you grow your agent base, our dedicated Recruiting Department supports all First Team branches including Community Offices.
Company-wide Agent collaboration
Connect with our family of 2,000+ First Team agents through our internal intranet to do more deals and communicate even better.
Continued Education & Training
Continued Education & TrainingFrom new agent licensing and training to ongoing collaborative mastery courses, we train and help agents in all offices grow at every stage of their career.
And Much More ...
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Are You a Candidate for a First Team Community Office?

We’re searching for real estate agents and brokers interested in owning a First Team Real Estate office. We are not looking to “sell” or “franchise” offices, but rather find partners in building a transferable asset. As an Independent Brokerage – not a corporate franchise – you have full access to use any one of our 30+ local First Team branches to meet clients and conduct business for your Community Office.

Our model is unique and built to be mutually beneficial. We don’t offer this opportunity to just any agent or broker. Beyond bearing the major burden of supporting and growing the office, we are selective with who we choose to partner with because ultimately we want this to be a long-term partnership.

Markedly different from a franchise or profit-share opportunity, a First Team Community Office is so much more. If you’ve ever considered expanding your team, business, or market but didn’t know how to sustain the growth, this opportunity might be right for you.


From Our Top Performing Agents

“When we became a part of First Team Real Estate, they started exposing us to all the tools they have - I was blown away. The most important aspect is, my agents can now be more productive. When they sit down at a listing presentation they have a better value proposition.
Robert Adams
Rancho Cucamonga community Office Manager
“We are empowered to serve our community and clients with all their real estate needs at a much higher level than ever before now that we have the support of First Team and the entire family of local agents and support staff behind us.”
Sharon Custer
Downey community Office Manager
“Our family values perfectly align with First Team’s sense of community and core values. I have made a commitment to take care of my agents, and this [merger] will provide them with the systems, tools, resources, infrastructure, and personnel that First Team is so well known for.”
Beth Hale & Josie Andrade
Downey community Office Manager
“I am excited to be a part of this expansion made possible by the resources, reputation, and name recognition of First Team. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a great team of agents who are excited to come to work every day and are proud to be a part of the new First Team office in the High Desert.”
Bruce Kallen
Downey community Office Manager
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Robert L. Adams, Rancho Cucamonga Community Office Leader

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