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What if you could earn tens of thousands of dollars in referral-fee commission just by talking to your friends? It’s that simple with the First Team Family Plan Program.

Find a friend. Refer them to any First Team office and then wait for the extra cash to roll in.

If that friend joins and makes sales, you can earn the equivalent of 2% of the recruited Sales Associate’s adjusted gross commission on transactions that close during the first year following the recruited Sales Associate’s initial hire date.

It’s as Easy as One, Two, Three . . .

1. Identify potentil sales associate(s)

Identify and generate interest among potential Sales Associate candidates within your social and professional spheres.

2. Complete and Submit an Enrollment Form

Complete the enrollment form and facilitate an introduction to the Office Manager.

3. Earn Recruiting Income

If the candidate signs with a First Team office, you can begin earning 2% of the recruited Sales Associate’s AGCI the first year!

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