First Team Real Estate—the fastest-growing real estate brokerage in Southern California during Q1 2018—is pleased to announce a merger with Sonnocco Real Estate Group, an initiative that will bring the organization’s signature brand of real estate service to the Long Beach area and its surrounding markets.

Founded in 2012 by Bill Larson and Phillip Mazzocco—two accomplished industry veterans who recognized the Long Beach area’s need for a real estate organization that prioritized the client experience over corporate strategy—Sonnocco Real Estate Group has since grown to include a total of 42 experienced agents, driving over $120 million in sales each year.

“When we founded Sonnocco Real Estate Group, our primary objective was to introduce a real estate company that really and truly centered on the client above all else,” Larson remarked. “While just about every real estate brokerage in the world claims to offer a higher caliber of service than the next, in reality the larger companies tend to focus more on the business itself. First Team is completely unique in that it’s a large brokerage, yet a truly independent one whose agents enjoy both the resources of a corporate giant and the transparency and values of a smaller boutique. We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with this outstanding organization, and are confident that we’ll now be able to give our clients an even better experience buying and selling homes.”

According to Michael Mahon, President of First Team Real Estate, this merger of like-minded professionals amplifies the company’s efforts toward making a difference in the communities its associates and clients call home.

“The rationale behind our decision to merge with Sonnocco Real Estate Group was simple—we can accomplish more for our communities and our clientele by working together,” Mahon explained. “This new partnership empowers Sonnocco Real Estate Group’s associates to leverage our strengths as Southern California’s largest independent brokerage, and to bring the abundant homeownership opportunities in the Long Beach markets to our global network.”

In addition, First Team’s commitment to making a difference in the communities it serves has also driven explosive growth for the organization, which added more than 243 associates and $810,000,000 in active inventory in Q1 2018.

“Our company culture, which is rooted in our ongoing commitment to improving the communities we represent, continues to attract the industry’s best agents and brokerages, all of whom we’re thrilled to welcome into the First Team family,” he stated.