On Tuesday, November 20th, First Team president Michael Mahon proudly announced a merger of Lawyers Realty and the First Team Real Estate office of Rancho Cucamonga, California.

The demand for real estate in Southern California is still very real, with the average days on market in Rancho Cucamonga, CA down 21 days compared to last year;* First Team Real Estate has seized on this opportunity by merging with one of the top brokerages in San Bernardino County—Lawyers Realty. First Team has pinpointed opportunities, created jobs, and rapidly expanded its services across diverse communities in Southern California. “Making a difference in the communities we call home,” stated President of First Team Michael Mahon, “has always been the common thread of our partnerships. Lawyers Realty and First Team will now unite our efforts to make a difference for our customers in Rancho Cucamonga, California and the surrounding market.” Joining forces will enable First Team to expand their services, increase their dominant market share, and create greater jobs in support of the growing local economy.

Lawyers Realty, an independent, family-owned brokerage focused within the Inland Empire, was an ideal candidate for First Team to partner with. Their brokerage consists of like-minded professionals, dedicated to uniting with First Team in continuing to make a difference within the community. With the merging of these new offices, First Team and Lawyers Realty will lead the market as an over-$300-million real estate entity.

Robert L. Adams, founding and managing partner of Lawyer’s real estate operations, expressed his positive outlook on the new venture: “The diversity of our talents makes our alliance one of vast opportunity. First Team touts a wealth of experience, and Lawyers Realty is eager to be a part of their expansion across Southern California and the promise they hold for our agents.” Lawyer’s belief in putting the “Service” in “Full Service Real Estate” aligns perfectly with First Team’s focus on agent and client care. Lawyers Realty will now greatly profit from all that First Team has to offer, including a marketing concierge service, non-competing office staff, and proprietary digital marketing.

Celebrating over 40 years of putting clients and the agents that serve them “First,” First Team possesses the experience and positive growth—even in a time when other brokerages are struggling—that enables them to successfully welcome rising brokerage entities to join their team, creating further job opportunities in the community. With 8,841 successfully closed transactions last year, First Team is excited to grow its market opportunity further across the Inland Empire. “Lawyers is key to establishing the foundation of our growth in the area,” stated Cameron Merage, founder and CEO of First Team, “as we are equally investing in the expansion of our First Team University. We have a lot of exciting, new changes for our First Team family that will be unveiled throughout 2019—this is just the start.”

Rancho Cucamonga, California has a growing local economy and low unemployment that are driving community factors and increasing housing demand. In response, First Team has positioned itself to further support consumers wishing to engage in education courses with Lawyers Realty’s assistance. This partnership will better reach those who are working towards their real estate license and seasoned agents who will help service the company’s growing client-services portfolio.

With the addition of new offices—like the successful growth of First Team’s newest one in Rancho Cucamonga, CA—First Team Real Estate is hiring in support of their rapid growth; please consult firstteam.com for their latest career development opportunities.

*Collateral Analytics Report Comparing November Day on Market of 2018 to 2017