Not only is today Friday (friyay!), it’s also National Doughnut Day. To celebrate this sweet sweet occasion, we took a look at the home of Dunkin’ Donuts’ CEO, Niguel Travis. What do can you think you can afford when you run one of the biggest doughnut chains in America?

The answer is a 13-bedroom, 6-bedroom Massachusetts home, sprinkled with more luxury amenities than a pink iced confection. With a paneled library, soaring ceilings and professional grade kitchen, we’re guessing he likes to work from home whenever possible. The living is easy for the head of our favorite doughnut shop.

How much do you think his mansion costs? Now that’s not as easy. According to two major online home value estimates, the worth of this piece of real estate is debatable.

Redfin estimate: $3,759,251

Zillow estimate: $5,467,695

When there are so many differing opinions online how are you supposed to nail down a price? It’s simple, take the conversation offline and chat with a local expert. Don’t leave the price of your home up to a digital tool that’s out of focus with the day-to-day changes of the market. Chat with one of our agents if you need an accurate, real world home estimate in Southern California.

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