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Do your pets rule your house? If they do, then you’re not alone. When it comes to making decisions about buying, selling or renovating their homes, a large majority of Americans take their pets’ needs into account, according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors®. The 2017 Animal House: Remodeling Impact report found that 81% of respondents said that animal-related considerations play a role when deciding on their next living situation.

81% of people say pets decide their next living situation

Whether it’s buyers searching for a pet-friendly new home, or sellers trying to fit in real estate goals around their pet’s schedules, our furry friends have a big impact on our lives. Most importantly, a pet can have a big impact on your home sale. In fact, 67% say that owning an animal has a moderate to major effect when it comes to selling your home.

Advice for Selling with Pets

As a part of the Animal House report, REALTORS® were asked the most common types of advice they give homeowners with pets when it comes time to sell. Listen up prospective home sellers! Before you list your home, take these consideration to heart.

Replace anything that has been damaged

67% Always | 30% Sometimes | 3% Not usually


Whether or not you have pets, it’s a good idea to fix any damages in your home before selling. Your house will fetch a much better price if things are in tip top shape. When you have broken slider doors, scratched walls or chewed banisters, buyers automatically start deducting from their offer price. Small replacements – not remodels – are worth it every time for home sellers. Fixing the little things may be tedious, but it’s more affordable than losing out on thousands in low ball home offers.

Cleaning home to remove animal’s scent

65% Always | 32% Sometimes | 3% Not Usually

You’ve probably gone nose blind. It happens to nearly all pet owners. So do yourself a favor and focus on neutralizing the odor of your home. Whether it’s a carpet cleaning before your open house, a good scrub down, or just taking the time to air everything out by throwing open all the windows, do what you can to make buyers welcome.

Take animal out during home showing

65% Always | 32% Sometimes | 3% Not Usually


Even if your pet is great with people, it is beneficial to take them out of the mix during a home showing. Even though your pet likes visitors, your visitors might not like pets. So whether you’ve got an overactive rottweiler or a territorial tabby, take them out the of the house for your prospective buyers.

Having home professionally cleaned

41% Always | 49% Sometimes | 10% Not Usually

Whether you DIY or shell out for a pro job, a deep clean is in order. Having a clean home is part of basic staging, one of The NEW Rules of Real Estate®. Staging can increase the value of your home by up to 15%, so why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make the perfect presentation?

Remove pet objects (food dishes, cat litter or animal crate)

37% Always | 42% Sometimes | 21% Not Usually

Removing pet objects is most important when you are taking your listing photos. Professional photography sells listings 50% faster, 39% closer to the list price, and generates 118% more online views according to IMOTO 2016 Impact of Professional Photography. That’s why using professional photography is the second rule in our NEW Rules of Real Estate®. We stick to for every home sale, and you should too.

Replace carpet and flooring

9% Always | 76% Sometimes | 16% Not Usually

9% Always | 76% Sometimes | 16% Not Usually

This really depends on the amount of damage done to your carpet or flooring. If a carpet cleaning or floor wax can do the trick, then save your money for other costs and repairs your home needs.

For more advice on selling, with or without pets, work with a First Team Real Estate agent. Our experienced professionals can advise you on the right repairs to make, price for your local neighborhood market, and devise a winning marketing strategy for your unique home.