How to Sell Your Home 100% Virtually

Thanks to a robust suite of available digital tools, smart marketing, and services, selling your home 100% virtually is an option for Southern California homeowners with the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent.

Here is a step-by-step guide on exactly how to sell your home for top dollar in any market, using 100% virtual tools and systems.

1. Online Consultation With A Real Estate Agent

Whether you use Zoom to host a video chat or simply connect over FaceTime, it’s easy to connect and have an online consultation with a real estate agent to plan and optimize your home sale. Share your goals, review your options, and talk openly about your ideal timeline in which to accomplish everything you need. And don’t forget to make sure your listing agent can answer these 15 questions about selling your house amid and after COVID-19.

2. Run CMA To Properly Price Your Home

If you are listing your home for sale, your agent will run a thorough CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) in order to help you determine the best price for your home based on other homes that are currently for sale on the market, and those that have recently sold. Based on data available from our tech partners including Market Trends℠ measuring supply and demand for each neighborhood and homes that are currently for sale on the market, as well as those that have recently sold, a CMA is a vital step in the home selling process and can be shared with you directly and virtually so that you can make an informed decision.

In addition, Market Trends℠ can keep you informed on an ongoing basis of the changing trends in your neighborhood real estate market. With a free weekly subscription, you can stay on top of changes in average sale prices, fluctuations in inventory, and more.

3. Digitally Market Property Using Videos, 3D Tours and Virtual Staging

When it comes to buying and selling a home virtually, it is all about having the highest quality digital marketing available. High-resolution photography to show your property in its best light is a must, and a walkthrough video with drone footage is ideal to increase buyer interest and create an emotional connection, without having to visit in-person.

In addition, 360-degree virtual tours are also available which allow viewers to step into the home and get a 3D feel for the space. Check out this example of a 3D home tour to see just how it works. Even home staying can be done virtually! Statistics show that a staged home can sell for up to 25% more than an unstaged home and 87% faster. Whether or not your home is fully furnished or empty, virtual staging can be used to digitally enhance the very real square footage your home has to show off and create that emotional connection with buyers viewing online.

4. Host Virtual Open Houses

Don’t want buyers coming in and out of your home during showings and open houses? There’s an alternative available – virtual open houses.

Virtual open houses hosted by your agent and posted on Facebook and Instagram allow large groups of interested buyers to view your home at once with minimal interruption to you and your life. These virtual open house broadcasts can also be a great way to allow potential buyers to ask questions in real-time. Given the full planning, strategy, and execution of an in-person open house, your virtual open house should include a theme and giveaway to attract maximum participation, full marketing collateral including accompanying postcards, social media shares, eBlast, and flyer.

5. Review and Sign Offers Online

When you receive an offer on your home, you can accept, complete thorough negotiations, and move into escrow all electronically. Today, the entire process of reviewing offers, negotiating with buyers, receiving earnest money, and signing documents can be done online. Using secure emails and DocuSign, all parties remain informed and the transaction moves along smoothly online.

Drive by and desktop review appraisals supported by Fannie and Freddie Mac can be completed for loan processing, and the title can be ensured and secured online.

6. Close Escrow and Record Electronically

Closing escrow is simple and easy and can be recorded electronically, requiring zero in-person contact. Title transfer can be recorded and insured electronically, and the final funds can be wired remotely and securely from the buyers and you.

Recent studies have shown that buyers today are comfortable purchasing sight unseen, in fact, thirty-one percent of those who worked with buyers who put contracts on homes in April 2020 had at least one buyer who put in a contract without physically seeing the home. The final walkthrough can be completed while you are away, or if you do not want a buyer walkthrough, all contingencies can be removed, increasing the probability of the transaction closing. All so you can hand over the keys without any hassles!

To learn more about virtual selling best practices and how to sell today hassle-free, contact your local First Team Realtor. For over 4 decades, First Team Real Estate has been Southern California’s trusted real estate company, serving over 250,000 local families. We are here to serve you and ensure you succeed in today’s changing real estate market.

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