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The government shutdown has thrown the real estate industry a curve ball but it’s been surviving and continues to move forward. Read the top articles on the shutdown and other news in real estate for the second week of October to educate yourself on the state of the housing market. Our top 10 articles are just a quick FYI for you buyers, sellers, agents and real estate newbies looking to understand the market and what’s going on in the real estate corner of the world.

For Everyone

C.A.R. releases its 2014 California Housing Market Forecast
The California Association of Realtors released its 2014 market forecast predicting a rise in home sales and prices as well as a shift toward primary home buyers as the economy enters the fourth year of a modest recovery.

How The Shutdown Is Hurting The Housing Market
Realtors and lenders have been working around road blocks created by the partial government shutdown, allowing purchasing and refinancing efforts to continue. The big hurt is coming from the unnecessary fear created by the shutdown.

For Buyers
Why mortgage rates fell even as rates rose during the shutdown
Check out this simple and succinct explanation of mortgage rates and the effect the shutdown and market has had on home-builders and business.

Hovnanian CEO: Housing market finally getting a positive trajectory
In this video Hovnanian Enterprises, leading new home building company, CEO Ara Hovnanian speaks about the government shutdown, its affect on the housing market and the importance of buyer confidence.

Fannie and Freddie take steps toward a unified securitization platform
The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced it will be consolidating government mortgage programs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into one system in an effort to further aid home buyers in securing mortgages.
Foreclosures Recede as Housing Rebounds
The housing market is not quite back to normal but it’s on its way thanks to fewer home foreclosures. The next step? More home construction to catch up with the growing market need.

For Sellers
How to Transfer Your Home’s Property Tax Basis to a Replacement Home at Orange County CA
This blog discusses the ways in which home owners can keep their low property tax when moving to a new home, specifically in Orange County, CA. Find out how you could benefit from Prop 60 if you’re buying and are over the age of 55.

For Agents
Why Your Online Listing Is Priced Wrong
Strategies for pricing a home are different for print brochures than they are for online listings. You’re going to want to use this trick that gets your client’s home twice as many views online.

GoConnect real estate checklist app hits iTunes
Now available for the iPhone 5, GoConnect is a real estate check list app for agents that we think you’ll love. It tracks your listings, contracts, closings, notes and more.

For Fun
After a Second Stint in Rehab, Actor Zac Efron Buys Zen Hollywood Home
High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron is all grown up and moving into his new $3.995 million dollar zen palace in Hollywood. Check out all the amazing property pics here.

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