Kim Wilder of First Team Helps Client Move From Her Ex’s Sofa Into Her First New Home


Single mom Trish was working crazy hours and didn’t think she could afford a home of her own.  In fact, she and her teenage son were living on her ex-boyfriend’s sofa and dreaming of their own place – they just weren’t sure how to get there.  A random phone call on a property led her to Southern California Realtor Kim Wilder.  Trish explained her current living situation and the roadblocks she’d faced to owning her own home.  As a nurse at an area hospital, she worked ’round the clock but had managed to save a small bit of money – so Wilder sprang into action!

“Figuring out my clients’ ‘why’ and the motivating factor behind their desire to buy or sell is always the most important part of the process,” Wilder explains.  “Trish was working 12-18 hour shifts and stuck in an unhappy living situation.  Once I found out what she was up against, I just felt like it was my mandate – I HAD to get her off her ex’s sofa and into a home of her own.”

As a first-time homebuyer, Trish was literally starting from square one.  She had not yet begun the process of evaluating her credit to even know how much home she could afford – or if it was even a possibility.  Wilder knew that getting Trish into the hands of the right lender was the crucial first step.

“For Trish, the choice of lender was critical, so I connected her with a stellar local lender who I knew would leave no stone unturned in the application process.  If there was a way to get her pre-approved, I knew this lender could do it,” Wilder says.  

“While I am not a lender, I knew that with a bit of credit counseling beforehand, Trish could definitely get her scores up in a short period of time and into a better position to buy.  With some help from me along with the lender’s guidance, we helped Trish achieve a better score and ultimately a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments.”

And within just a few months, Trish was able to get pre-approved with a budget large enough for her to afford a small two-bedroom, two-bathroom home in her chosen city of Lake Elsinore.  

“Once all the minor issues were fixed and her credit scores were solid, I told Trish that it was now time for the most exciting part of the process – house shopping!  As her agent, it was my goal to also fulfill the role of trusted advisor and as such, I was careful to keep her within budget.  Once approved, sometimes new buyers get so starry-eyed about the amount of money they can spend and they don’t realize the other myriad costs associated with buying a home such as inspections, closing costs, repairs, etc.” Wilder says.

“And home shopping, especially in this market, can be a grueling experience for new buyers.  We lost out on a place she really loved because it went for thousands more than she could afford, so I definitely had to hold Trish’s hand and be her cheerleader to keep her spirits up and coach her through the process when she got discouraged.  But we made it across the finish line!”

With Wilder’s guidance, Trish was able to purchase a charming cottage near the lake with two bedrooms and two separate bathrooms – a perfect layout for her and her son.  Closing day was an incredibly happy and emotional one for Trish.  When Wilder handed her the keys to her first-ever home (along with a Ring Doorbell as a closing gift), Trish hugged her agent and burst into tears.  “Kim was amazing,” Trish says.  “She definitely put the work in.  Even with my crazy hours at work she always managed to get a hold of me, making purchasing my first home as stress-free as possible.  She made me a homeowner!”

With more than 20 combined years of real estate and executive experience, Wilder is a highly-skilled professional with a background in public relations, marketing, and journalism.  In her previous career as an executive in the entertainment industry, Wilder worked with powerful studio heads and many celebrity clients.  Wilder has been a resident of the Temecula Valley since 2004, and today her business encompasses first-time home buyers like Trish and luxury wine country and coastal properties, plus everything in between.  

“At the end of the day, real estate is soooo much more than a paycheck for me,” Wilder says.  “This wasn’t the highest sale of my career, but it is without a doubt the most enjoyable and gratifying transaction I’ve ever done.  It was an honor and a privilege to help Trish find a home for herself and her son and to help them move from an unhappy living situation to one of happiness and freedom.  To me, real estate is not about sales – it is about forging relationships with clients and helping them achieve their goals.  It’s all about people and dream fulfillment and that is why it is so incredibly rewarding.”

For more information or to reach Kim Wilder, visit or directly at 951-551-7624.

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