Real Estate Series 101 Training

To launch a successful Real Estate career takes planning & training – start your real estate training now with this exclusive 8-week Real Estate Series 101 Training series, taught by top Real Estate leaders in Southern California. You will be ready to hit the ground running.

Real Estate Basics

Beginning a new real estate career is exciting, but it is a business. What you do early on can make the difference between success and failure. Getting the proper education can help you launch a successful career. Come learn the most important things to do first, goals and tips on the process of selling, the day in the life of the agent, prospecting, your sphere of influence and more.

Communication Strategies in Real Estate

Your Personality Is Your Best Sales Asset! Learn how to harness your strengths, read your clients and lead them to the best decisions, quickly. Effective communication strategies that will help you become an expert negotiator, generate leads and build a great business.

Marketing Real Estate

This training will cover the advantages of First Team’s full service Marketing Department. As we cover the benefits of using this one-stop shop, we will walk you through every step of the marketing process, from design to distribution. Topics include custom design, copywriting, competitive pricing, mailing services, print ads, media proposals, Signature Marketing Program, and more.

Sphere of Influence & Farming

Where do I find clients to launch and sustain my real estate career? How can I leverage the people I know from my Sphere of Influence to build a successful business? By attending this session, you will learn how to parley your existing relationships into future clients. You will hear specific strategies that agents credit up to 85% of their business from. How about a Farm? Does Farming work? How soon can I expect a result from my efforts? In class, we will examine this marketing strategy and how it can work for you!

Financial Facts & Strategies

Finances are never easy, but after exploring the application process, credit report and scores, pre-approvals, and loan processes in Finance 101, you’ll have a better understanding of how to navigate an otherwise complicated process. Get ahead with financial know-how and strategies that will catapult you forward in the real estate world. This course is designed with you in mind: together, we will tackle the complex facets of finance, all the while catering to your pace and experience.

Open House for Beginners

Open Houses can be the key for launching and maintaining a successful career in Real Estate, not only are they a fast and inexpensive way to meet prospects but they offer you a chance to interact directly and demonstrate your skills to a buyer and seller. Learn specific techniques on how to practice, prepare and execute at the open house that will guarantee you to convert more leads and generate more income.

Fundamentals of Title Insurance

Why Do Buyers Need Title Insurance? A Real Estate purchase is the single most important investment many people make in their lives. “The Title” or how you take ownership is insured with Title Insurance.

Lead Generation to Build a Pipeline

Learn the different methods of generating leads by building trust-based relationships online through social media and offline. There are key fundamental skills of containing prospects and determining who is ready, willing and able to buy NOW. The majority of the time spent in this business is the act of prospecting, having the right systems in place will allow you to be more consistent and fill your pipeline.

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