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3 Course Pre-License Package + Live Principles Course

BEST DEAL! Includes all three qualifying courses: Real Estate Principles (Live Class), Real Estate Practice (Home Study with live tutorial), and Legal Aspects of Real Estate (Home Study with live tutorial), plus an online interactive database of state exam practice questions.

  • Live Principles Course
  • Expert Instructors
  • Printed Textbooks
  • Final Exam Online
  • State Exam Practice Questions

3 Online Courses + Online Practice Questions

Includes all three qualifying online courses: Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate.

  • Engaging Interactive Format
  • Online Chapter Quizzes
  • Final Examination Online
  • State Exam Practice Questions
  • Live Prep Course

California Real Estate Principles - Live + Textbook

This is the most comprehensive introduction to the California real estate business, serving as an excellent introductory course. It covers every area of professional specialization, the intricacies of real property ownership and the fine points of the field.

  • Live Class
  • Expert Instructors
  • Printed Textbook
  • Online Chapter Quizzes
  • Online Final Exam

California Real Estate Practice - Live Tutorial + Textbook

Offers practical how-to information for the real estate salesperson and broker, including prospecting methods, sample listing presentations, listing contracts, disclosure forms, and more.

  • Printed Textbook
  • Online Chapter Quizzes
  • Online Final Exam

Legal Aspects of Real Estate - Live Tutorial + Textbook

An introduction to the vast body of law that governs real estate transactions in California. It will help you recognize situations in which legal counsel should be sought and help you understand rights and obligations under the law.

  • Printed Textbook
  • Online Chapter Quizzes
  • Online Final Exam


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  First Team® C21 Action Allied Kaplan Real Estate Trainers Nation
Cost $369
Includes Books
No Books
$288 $699 $399 $309
Completion Time 36 Days 12 Weeks   36 Days 36 Days 12 Weeks
LIVE Residential Principles Classes + Legal + Practice   Online  
Online Test Simulator w/3000 Questions You Can Take Under Test Conditions     Practice Question Bank + Terms & Definitions    
Personal Career Counselor          
Start Anytime Static Schedule
Locations 8 (Long Beach/
Orange County/Inland Empire)
1 Online 1 LA/ 1 Costa Mesa 3 Locations (1 OC) 5 Locations (2 OC)
Free Live 2 Day Crash Course With 80% Pass Rate ($299 Value)   Exam Prep Questions Online $99

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