There’s something about Larry Bammer that inspires confidence. Perhaps it’s the clear gaze and steady tone of voice. Maybe it’s the balanced blend of serious intent and sense of humor. Or it could be the air of authority that surrounds someone who’s been a police officer since 1999. Most likely, it’s all of the above.  But the experience with and committment to protecting and serving the public in a variety of challenging situations certianly defines who he is as a person and a professional.

In his career as one of Orange County’s outstanding real estate professionals, nothing is more important to Larry and his team than protecting and serving his clients’ best interests every step of the way. He’s respected for his rock-solid integrity, consistent follow-through and full range of people skills. And there’s absolutely no question about his commitment as a Realtor:

‘I find out exactly what my clients’ expectations and goals are, then focus on achieving the best possible outcome for them.’ – Larry Bammer