New First Team Real Estate Anaheim Hills Office Is Officially Open For Business

This Wednesday marked the official opening of the First Team Real Estate new Anaheim Hills location in the Festival shopping center. The move to a bigger and better office has everyone buzzing about the opportunities now open to the community and of course our local real estate agents.

Anna Bennett, Manager of the Anaheim Hills branch office, explained the excitement of the new move. “I am absolutely in love with our new space, and so are my agents. The new office has inspired us all to step up our game in a big way. The office has given the agents a renewed sense of confidence and pride. Some of them even bought new wardrobes to match our new office!,” she said.

“My agents are so proud to invite new clients to our office because they’re proud of it and the sense of community it brings to everyone. And the community is loving it too! They’ll stop in for a cup of coffee just to enjoy the warm and luxurious atmosphere. The sense of pride of ownership is simply phenomenal.”

Mayor Tom Tait was there to cut the ribbon along with CEO and founder Cameron Merage. Mayor Tait and Mr. Merage are both looking forward to being a part of the growth led by our brand new facility.

Bennett currently runs a mentor program with the local high school, bringing students by the office to teach them about running a business. Mayor Tait has his own community outreach programs and can’t wait to team up with First Team to make an even greater difference in Anaheim Hills. Inspiring the community and having a place to lead that inspiration and growth is a valuable thing.

Mr. Merage as well can’t wait to have more charitable events held at our new office!

One of the most important aspects of the big move is the new office design.

“Looking at the design and amenities in the office, we wanted to marry the straightforward open designs of Apple and other leading retailers with the accessible warmth of Starbucks”, said Mark Hughes, Director of Operations at First Team.

“Great decisions happen where there is clarity and trust and this office is a gigantic leap forward in creating a one-of-a-kind environment to create coherence and trust between agents and clients.”

Bennett’s favorite thing about the new office is the energy it’s created.

“It’s built a huge momentum for all of us. New agents want to be a part of what we’re doing and clients too. We’re all so proud of the new space and can’t wait to come into work. Sitting outside on the patio, checking out the mountain views, it’s inspiring.”

We’re also proud that in the last twelve months, First Team agents have helped buyers and sellers in over 16% of all residential home transactions in Anaheim Hills. As the largest broker in the area, we are overjoyed to provide a fresh new multifunctional workspace for clients and agents to enjoy together.

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