Orange County Real Estate Market Update | January 2021

The Orange County Real Estate Market Report for January 2020 shows that the market remains healthy, strong, and busy for homebuyers and sellers. The median sale price of single-family homes has risen 8.5% year-over-year up to $950,000 across Orange County.

If you are considering a home sale, now’s the smartest time to do it so that you can sell for top dollar and secure a record-low mortgage rate on your next dream home. Step 1: Find out how COVID has changed your home’s value. Step 2: Review the full report on homes for sale in Orange County to find out how your city specifically is rebounding from coronavirus. Step 3: List your home with a knowledgable First Team agent.

The Orange County real estate market is always changing and evolving, especially amid the ongoing pandemic. Stay on top of real estate market changes and updates by working with a First Team agent in your area.



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