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Covina is one of Los Angeles County’s suburb cities. It is located in the San Gabriel Valley and is about 22 miles from east of downtown Los Angeles. Based on a recent United States Census Bureau, the population here is about 48,095. The total area of Covina is estimated to be 7.046 sq. Miles. The city has a slogan, “ One Mile Square and All There.”

Covina was once the third-largest producer of oranges worldwide. By the end of the 1950s, it claimed to produce the best oranges in the world. Today, the city still uses oranges as its symbol although it doesnt produce them at the level of the 1950s anymore. The median household income of a person living in Covina is $66,726. Covina has been featured in several movies and television shows such as Roswell, Knight Rider, Frailty, Wayne’s World, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, and others.

Covina real estate offers something for everyone. One can explore high-end homes, condos, and more in the neighborhoods of Covina. And, nestled in the charming neighborhoods and beautifully organized city are some of the best suburbian properties in Southern California. Corvina real estate is known for its upscale living and are priced accordingly. If you are searching for the most luxurious Covina Condos or Covina luxury homes, use the First Team Real Estate Covina Office’s expertise in this truly unique place.

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