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Southern California’s real estate market is currently thriving. With high demand and low inventory it is a classic seller’s market waiting for you to jump in. That’s why even the happiest homeowners are giving serious consideration to taking a leap and selling property this year.

To be sure, it’s a huge decision—one that, if executed strategically, could be a significant catalyst in the development of your long-term wealth. Below are four super simple steps to get the ball rolling. They don’t hurt at all, we promise.

Start cleaning.

Start now. No need to wait for Spring; depending on how long you’ve called your current address home, the level of decluttering that will need to take place before you potentially stage your home for sale and/or move may require a bit of time. Even if you opt not to sell, you’ll never regret getting organized.

Assess the minor repairs needed throughout your home.

And focus on the little things, like that leaky faucet or those holes in the wall that have needed patching for the past few years. If you fix these kinds of imperfections before potential buyers begin evaluating your home, you can rest easy they’ll be able to focus instead on all its best features instead. The sooner you start tackling these minor updates, the sooner you’ll be ready for all of the big things like setting a price and getting your home on the market.

Educate yourself.

What’s happening in your city’s marketplace? How about at a neighborhood level—what are homes comparable to yours selling for? A general understanding of basics like these will enable you to price your home appropriately when the time comes to sell.

We suggest starting with out local Market Reports to help you understand the market you’re up against. We have our LA and Orange County reports, as well the Inland Empire covering Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Each report includes county wide statistics and trends, as well as information for each and every city within the county including important details like average sold price, units, days on market, and more. For even more in-depth analysis, you’ll want to start working with a professional. Speaking of which…

Find a real estate agent now.

Even if you’re not quite ready to sell, it can’t hurt to be prudent and begin the vetting process early. When you identify the right agent for you and your unique needs, they will work to develop a selling strategy and establish a timeline for execution.

Choosing a trustworthy, experienced real estate agent couldn’t be more critical—it’s the only way to be certain you’re getting the highest return on your investment and not leaving any money on the table. Reach out and we’ll match you with a top agent in your neighborhood so you can get started today.

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