Safety First | Safety Guidelines For Your Home Sale

Things can get hectic during a home sale but never forget the most important rule to live by – safety first!

Opening your home to others during your sale calls for precautions, that’s why the California Association of REALTORS®  breaks down the obvious and not so obvious safety guidelines in this infographic.

Now that you know what dangerous situations are possible let’s go over some preventative tips to stop these problems before they happen. These tips are not only keep you safe – they’ll help your home sell faster!

4 Prep Tips for Keeping Safety First

1. Start packing early

Getting a jump in packing is not only a responsible thing to do, it’s safe! The more you get out of the way and set to leave, the less you have to do once moving day rolls around. Plus things like your valuables and personal information will already be put away before anyone stops by for an open house.

2. Get a temporary storage unit

If you’ve already started packing, renting a temporary storage unit just makes it easier to get those valuables and personal items out of the danger zone entirely. You can put  large pieces of furniture in storage as well to protects them from bumps and scrapes when you have large open house crowds coming through. Putting unnecessary furniture and clutter away can also help sell your home quicker. The emptier your home is, the larger and more appealing it looks to potential buyers.

3. Keep up your curb appeal

Taking the time to clean up your curb appeal keeps your home safe from the hazards listed in the infographic above. Plus while you’re clearing your driveway and sidewalks of debris and clutter like pet toys, ice or stray shoes, take some time to power wash the drive way or trim your bushes. Curb appeal keeps you safe and your home looking irresistible to buyers.

4. Work with a real estate agent

A real estate agent is a great buffer between you and the public when selling a home. An agent will be there to walk through your home with potential buyers and keep an eye out. Plus real estate agents are always on call to help you through any uncomfortable or uncertain real estate situation you encounter.

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