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If you’re planning to sell your house this year, you’ll want to start preparing now to ensure a successful sale and transition. By getting your ducks in a row now, you’ll increase your chances of getting better offers and proceeding with the sale more easily. This is especially important if you’re hoping to make a quick move when the time is right.

Here are four steps that smart home sellers will take before listing their home for sale.

Choose a New Home First

Selling in 2019

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Some buyers want to move into their new homes as soon as possible, and you won’t want to feel rushed to vacate your premises before you’re ready. It’s a good idea to select the new home that you want to live in before listing your property. You’ll also want to make sure that this new home will be ready to move into quickly in case your buyer is eager to occupy your premises.

Some real estate agents specialize in assisting clients with buying new homes and selling their old properties simultaneously, and working with one of these professionals may be beneficial. In addition to finding a new home, figure you how you want to move into it. Be aware of how quickly you’ll be able to move, whether you use a moving company or pack and move everything yourself.

Remove the Clutter

Selling in 2019

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Channel your inner Marie Kondo and start de-cluttering now. The New Year is the perfect time to focus on cleansing your life – and your home – of things that you don’t need. Any nonessential items that you have in your home should be kept out of sight so that your property will look more presentable for showings.

Potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home and may be turned off by seeing a lot of extra items that make your premises look messy. Family photos, unique keepsakes and other personal items should also be stored away so that potential buyers can feel like your home is already theirs.

Research the Market

You’ll want to know what the home values are in your area as well as the average selling prices so that your home can be priced correctly. We suggest starting here with our Local Real Estate Market Reports. With a report for Orange County, LA, San Diego and the entire Inland Empire, we cover the most important stats and trends for each city in Southern California.

Remember, people will be more inclined to put money down if your home is properly priced for your area. Doing the proper research will also be to your advantage as it will allow you to be more savvy in your negotiations. Knowing how much your home is really worth will allow you to avoid buy offers that are too low.

Get Inspiration from Other Listings

Sell in 2019

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Check out other property listings online in your area to get inspiration for how to create your own. Your First Team agent will do most of the work in creating your listing and make suggestions on what to include that might help you sell faster, but the sooner you get familiar with the market – the better. Every listing includes the basics like bed and bath count, but look for what other sellers highlight in their properties to see what makes yours stand out. Whether it’s a great school or restaurant nearby, community perks, or extra special storage options you’ve made for yourself, start thinking about how your home measures up to the competition.

Preparing to sell your home the right way can save you a lot of time and stress when the big day actually comes. If you make the right preparations in advance, your home will likely be a more attractive option for buyers, and you’ll be more prepared to leave as soon as you’re ready. Keep informed on all aspects of your sale, and you’ll find the process to be overall much less stressful.